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White-label voice assistants will win the battle for podcast discovery – TechCrunch


Americans are bored, housebound and screened out. This has created a golden opportunity for audio as consumers turn to podcasts, voice assistants and smart speakers – often at the same time. Roughly 128 million Americans use a voice assistant at least once a month. Smartphones account for most voice assistants, but there are also nearly 160 million smart speakers in American homes. One of the hottest forms of audio content is, of course, podcasts.

'Typographic attack': pen and paper fool AI into thinking apple is an iPod

The Guardian

As artificial intelligence systems go, it is pretty smart: show Clip a picture of an apple and it can recognise that it is looking at a fruit. It can even tell you which one, and sometimes go as far as differentiating between varieties. But even cleverest AI can be fooled with the simplest of hacks. If you write out the word "iPod" on a sticky label and paste it over the apple, Clip does something odd: it decides, with near certainty, that it is looking at a mid-00s piece of consumer electronics. In another test, pasting dollar signs over a picture of a dog caused it to be recognised as a piggy bank.

SARDO Is a Smartphone-Sniffing Search and Rescue Drone


For anyone who has ever misplaced their iPhone, Apple's "Find My" app is a game-changer that borders on pure magic. Sign into the app, tap a button to sound an alarm on your MIA device, and, within seconds, it'll emit a loud noise -- even if your phone is set on silent mode -- that allows you to go find the missing handset. Yeah, it's usually stuck behind your sofa cushions or left facedown on a shelf somewhere. You can think of SArdo, a new drone project created by researchers at Germany's NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH, as Apple's "Find My" app on steroids. The difference is that, while finding your iPhone is usually just a matter of convenience, the technology developed by NEC investigators could be a literal lifesaver.

A.I. Here, There, Everywhere


I wake up in the middle of the night. "Hey, Google, what's the temperature in Zone 2," I say into the darkness. A disembodied voice responds: "The temperature in Zone 2 is 52 degrees." "Set the heat to 68," I say, and then I ask the gods of artificial intelligence to turn on the light. Many of us already live with A.I., an array of unseen algorithms that control our Internet-connected devices, from smartphones to security cameras and cars that heat the seats before you've even stepped out of the house on a frigid morning.

Data Transformers Podcast: Is Video Artificial Intelligence Ready for Prime Time? on Apple Podcasts


Video AI is a growing market with lots of innovation. The Video AI market encompasses Video surveillance, Automatic/self-drive vehicles, content moderation in video, automatic video editing. Convolution Neural Networks is the backbone of Video AI in many applications and the challenge lies in training the data as well as abstracting the outcomes for better outpost. The field is still emerging and the technology is still evolving in many of these areas. As an example, even though Youtube would like to have a general understanding of the video so they know when to insert relevant ads, the technology to do that is just emerging.

Samsung Puts Intelligence into High-Bandwidth Memory


Samsung, more widely known for making television monitors, smartphones and other popular consumer devices, also is a world leader in producing computer memory. The North Korean IT giant announced that it has developed the industry's first high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chip that's integrated with artificial intelligence processing power--the HBM-PIM. Like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and others are baking security, networking and other functionality into processors, Samsung is doing the same, only with AI. The new processing-in-memory (PIM) architecture brings real-time AI computing capabilities inside high-performance memory so as to accelerate large-scale processing in data centers, high performance computing (HPC) systems and AI-enabled mobile applications. The pioneering HBM-PIM is the industry's first programmable PIM solution tailored for diverse AI-driven workloads such as HPC, training and inference, Samsung said.

The best books and podcasts on data science and AI for 2021 - Dataconomy


This book will take you from little or no Python experience to being able to use it and various Python libraries, including numpy, matplotlib, random, pandas, and sklearn, for problem solving. It covers computational techniques, and some data science tools and techniques, as well as machine learning.

The tech that can transform igaming - iGaming Business


If you don't have the technology you don't have a business in the igaming sector. As much as any other digital industry, online gaming relies upon the harnessing of technological developments. There isn't a single part of the business that doesn't rely on cutting edge technology, from data to marketing, content to payments. I think back over the last few years in North America and consider some of the legislative changes that have allowed for a new, fully regulated multibillion-dollar industry. A landscape has been created for players to enjoy games legally and for operators to vie for the attention of millions of players.

5 Unique Use Cases Of AI That Might Surprise You


"Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we'll augment our intelligence." Artificial Intelligence is capable of achieving enormous feats in the modern world. It is hard to imagine our daily lives without the use of AI because literally, almost every single component of our reality bears the symbolic use of AI in some way or the other. While you start the day with your phones, you automatically utilize a wide range of Artificial Intelligence features. The smart lock to open your phones with either a pattern controlled by AI or a face recognition pattern-based locking system to unlock your smartphone device.

Apple Foldable iPhone Release Date, Specs Leaked; Device Could Come With A Stylus

International Business Times

In a comprehensive research note detailing the iPhone lineup's roadmap, Taiwan-based analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared some interesting pieces of information about the company's plans for the Foldable iPhone, including its potential release date and some of its specs. As reported by 9to5mac, Kuo predicts that Apple could launch the Foldable iPhone by 2023 if it could solve several issues. This includes " the foldable mobile device's key technology," as well as the mass production challenges this year. Kuo's prediction on the launch of the much-awaited iPhone with a new form factor hinges on those issues and on the progress the Cupertino tech giant could make this year. The analyst does not reveal much about the Foldable iPhone's specs aside from its size, which could be between 7.5 and 8-inches.