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BBVA taps Google Cloud Chronicle to build AI security platform


In conversation with Álvaro Garrido, chief security officer at BBVA, Finextra learns that the bank will collaborate with Google Cloud to adopt more advanced technology by placing it in a more cost-effective environment, with greater scalability. Garrido explains that after three years of investing heavily in security and working towards becoming a data-driven bank, now is a good time for BBVA to fully reap the benefits of advanced analytics. "We are getting to the point where we need to monitor more, detect better and react faster. I think these are the three components of not only BBVA's security agenda, but what allows cooperation in the financial industry," Garrido says. Mentioning Google Cloud's Network Telemetry and the ability to identify access patterns that may pose security or operational risks in real-time across a number of devices, he adds that the bank will be able to prevent threats "across the security chain - from the traditional computer space or in the IoT. It's the number of devices, [as well as] the granularity and the level of depth of what we monitor."

Facebook doesn't seem to mind that facial recognition glasses would endanger women


Picture this: you're sitting in a bar and a creepy stranger keeps trying to talk to you. The next day you get a text from that stranger. Not only do they know your phone number, they know where you live; in fact, they know everything about you. They were wearing Facebook smart glasses, you see. The moment they looked in your direction the glasses identified you via facial recognition technology.

Appearing for AI Interview? Be Prepared for the 4th Question!


Preparing for an artificial intelligence job interview can feel overwhelming, whether you are a fresher or not. However, you need not worry much about this. In this article, Analytics Insight aims to familiarize its readers about the type of questions they can expect in the interview round. With artificial intelligence and machine learning touted as the most preferred and in-demand tech skill for 2021, it is important to access one's expertise in the same. Ever since the artificial intelligence started having a positive influence of the market, companies are on lookout to hire best professionals in the field.

How AI is Reshaping the Real Estate Sector


With continuous digitization, Artificial Intelligence has many roles to play to increase the real estate economy. Through the medium of eminent Software Development companies, AI has brought about a very amazing and convenient change in the way things are carried out in the retail industry. Artificial Intelligence can change the future of any enterprise. It has provided many benefits to the retail sector. For instance, the interaction between buyers and sellers can be augmented using Artificial intelligence.

Vizio vs. TCL: TVs for every budget


Vizio and TCL sell budget-friendly TVs that don't compromise on quality -- perfect for gaming, virtual workouts, and binge-watching Cobra Kai. Reviewers love them because they're not as expensive as TVs from other top brands, but have many of the same features. But what brand should you choose? Both TCL and Vizio offer models with 4K resolution and advanced gaming features to use with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. To help you decide, take a look at our TV breakdown. Sure, they don't have 4K or 8K displays.

Top 5 Cloud Platform where you get Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS)


Most of the App you use in day to day life is Machine Learning enables. It is really difficult to deploy and manage Machine Learning applications in your own environment. Specially Machine learning-based Applications are quite resourced consuming in terms of hardware requirements. I found the majority of people work in AI-based company to support the infrastructure behind such applications. To overcome this problem we have good news. We have some cloud-based solutions in the market where you can run and deploy your ML-based application without any headache of managing server and all.

What AI Can Do in the Next 20 years?


Artificial intelligence has been ruling the world for years now and the way major issues pertaining to different fields have been addressed using AI surely is worth mentioning. A few decades back, the technology wasn't advanced enough to cater to business needs and problems. But with the advent of AI, things have changed for the better. The extent to which AI is deployed in almost all sectors is worth being appreciated. With so many opportunities that this field has given rise to, it isn't going to be very surprising to see AI rocking in every possible aspect in the years to come.

Artificial Intelligence: Global scenario versus Indian landscape


The retail industry has been one of worst-hit industries by the global pandemic and after an initial knee-jerk pause during the lockdowns, we see a sudden spike in retail brands (across categories of products) globally wanting to adopt and embrace digital transformation initiatives. The age-old model of customer service via call-centre's has been disrupted permanently by Covid-19 and moving to AI solutions that can help retail businesses manage both exponential rise in call volumes while maintaining very high service level quality is the new emerging opportunity. It is, therefore, not a surprise that the conversational AI market alone is expected to grow at 32 percent CAGR to $9.4 billion by 2024 according to market research company markets & markets.