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Cult classic movie 'Turbo Kid' is getting a video game adaptation


Turbo Kid is a charming, ultra-violent homage to Saturday morning cartoons that takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of 1997. It's one of my favorite movies of the last decade, so the announcement that a game based on the film is on the way has made my week. You'll play as The Kid, who battles his way across the wasteland as he searches for a friend. Developer Outerminds (best known for making YouTuber PewDiePie's games) says Turbo Kid is a Metroidvania with large and diverse environments, rad BMX tricks and a heartwarming story. The game has a pixel art style and promises copious low-res gore.

Ubisoft's Valhalla Is Too Long, Too Big, and Too Repetitive


Tempted by the promise of an epic Viking saga for the ages, a wave of positive reviews, and a need for something new to play on my PlayStation 5 (sorry), I bought Assassin's Creed Valhalla. It's an enormous open-world action RPG that casts you as Eivor of the Raven Clan, on a mission to conquer England during the Dark Ages. The snowy mountains and sparse settlements of Norway serve as an ideal tutorial environment. By the time you load up the longship to settle in a beautifully realized and atmospheric Anglo-Saxon England, you feel like a real Viking raider. The forests of England are teeming with wildlife, and the towns are peppered with Roman ruins.

15 Python Projects: From Beginner To Full-Stack - Comp Sci Central


The best way to learn python is by creating a project. These are 10 of the best python projects for beginner to intermediate Python programmers. These python projects will not only help you learn the fundamentals, but you'll have a lot of fun creating these. With each of these 10 python projects, there is a full video tutorial that walks you step-by-step from start to finish. These projects have been hand-selected and range from beginner to intermediate.

An AI Was Taught to Play the World's Hardest Video Game and Still Couldn't Set a New Record


What's the hardest video game you've ever played? If it wasn't QWOP then let me tell you right know that you don't know how truly difficult a game can be. The deceptively simple running game is so challenging to master that even an AI trained using machine learning still only mustered a top 10 score instead of shattering the record. If you've never played QWOP before, you owe it to yourself to give it a try and see if you can even get your sprinter off the starting line. Developed by Bennett Foddy back in 2008, QWOP was inspired by an '80s arcade game called Track & Field that requires players to mindlessly mashing buttons to win a race.

MeInGame: A deep learning method to create videogame characters that look like real people


In recent years, videogame developers and computer scientists have been trying to devise techniques that can make gaming experiences increasingly immersive, engaging and realistic. These include methods to automatically create videogame characters inspired by real people. Most existing methods to create and customize videogame characters require players to adjust the features of their character's face manually, in order to recreate their own face or the faces of other people. More recently, some developers have tried to develop methods that can automatically customize a character's face by analyzing images of real people's faces. However, these methods are not always effective and do not always reproduce the faces they analyze in realistic ways.

A New Artificial Intelligence Makes Mistakes--on Purpose - AI Summary


The AI chess program, known as Maia, uses the kind of cutting-edge AI behind the best superhuman chess-playing programs. Alpha Zero broke from conventional AI chess programs by having computers learn, independent of any human instruction, how to play the game expertly. For chess, Alpha Zero is fed board positions and moves generated in practice games, and it tunes its neurons' firing to favor winning moves, an approach known as reinforcement learning . The result is a chess program capable of playing in a more human way. Well before that, AI that can predict and mimic human behavior could have immediate applications in chess and other games.

Talking Tech: If you are TV shopping, you need to know the facts about these buying myths

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Having a new television to play video games on or stream Netflix, Disney and the new Paramount service on is great. But buying a new TV, that can be a hassle. Because your eyes for a larger TV may be bigger than your budget allows. However, most say opt for larger if you can afford it – I've never heard anyone say, "Gee, I wish my TV was smaller." But there are other issues to consider when you are buying a TV, our tech columnist colleague Marc Saltzman says.

New Pokémon Game Goes Off The Beaten Path

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus lets players hunt the tiny monsters in a new, open-world setting. Pokémon Legends: Arceus lets players hunt the tiny monsters in a new, open-world setting. From cartoons to trading cards to toys, Pokémon has been a succesful media franchise for 25 years, with tons of fans from all over the world. But fans of the Pokémon video games have been begging for a major shake-up to the series -- and now, with the announcement of the new Pokémon Legends: Arceus, they may get one. Earlier this month, Pokémon player ChocolateKieran -- who asked us to refer to him by his username for privacy and safety reasons -- was watching the company's 25th anniversary live stream with his followers on Twitch.

Screen time is up--here's how to refocus on reading

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Marisa Johnson's six-year-old daughter was just learning to read independently when her Alameda, California, school shut down last year. Without solid literacy skills and lots of time stuck at home, the tot is spending much more time playing video games and watching shows than reading books. "She's definitely reading less," Johnson says. "The only way we can be alone among ourselves is with screens." As many parents know, screen time has ballooned during the pandemic.

Pokémon Goes In A New Direction With Open-World Video Game

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For years, open-world video games, where players can explore all around the map rather than following a set path, have been hugely popular. The Pokémon franchise is finally catching up.