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Bollywood Still Links Women's Beauty to Fair Skin, Claims Artificial Intelligence


For Bollywood, beautiful women have fair skin, according to an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based computer analysis which reveals that conception of beauty has remained consistent through the years in the film industry centred in Mumbai. The automated computer analysis was led by Indian-origin researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the US. The research revealed that babies whose births were depicted in Bollywood films from the 1950s and 60s were more often than not boys; in today's films, boy and girl newborns are about evenly split. In the 50s and 60s, dowries were socially acceptable; today, not so much. The researchers, led by Kunal Khadilkar and Ashiqur KhudaBukhsh of CMU's Language Technologies Institute (LTI), gathered 100 Bollywood movies from each of the past seven decades along with 100 of the top-grossing Hollywood moves from the same periods.

Into the Future: Tel Aviv University Launches New Artificial Intelligence Center

#artificialintelligence – Tel Aviv University has launched its new Multidisciplinary Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science on Wednesday during the university's AI Week to encourage research that uses the most advanced methods of both disciples. The center's aim is to train a new generation of researchers and industrialists who will take Israel to the forefront of the "global AI revolution" in the coming years. "[AI] is expected to impact our way of life in every aspect--from drug development and data-based personalized medicine to defense and security systems, financial systems, scientific discoveries, robotics, autonomous systems and social issues," said Professor Meir Feder, who will head up the center. "It is very important to train human capital in this area, and therefore, the center will provide all TAU students with basic AI education," he added. Israeli defense minister Benny Gantz said on Saturday his "initial assessment" was that Iran was responsible for an explosion on...

'Black Swan event has rewritten global business rules'


… are ensuring that our team in India is future-ready and is constantly leveraging newer technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence, …

What Buddhism can do for AI ethics


The explosive growth of artificial intelligence has fostered hope that it will help us solve many of the world's most intractable problems. However, there's also much concern about the power of AI, and growing agreement that its use should be guided to avoid infringing upon our rights. Many groups have discussed and proposed ethical guidelines for how AI should be developed or deployed: IEEE, a global professional organization for engineers, has issued a 280-page document on the subject (to which I contributed), and the European Union has published its own framework. The AI Ethics Guidelines Global Inventory has compiled more than 160 such guidelines from around the world. Unfortunately, most of these guidelines are developed by groups or organizations concentrated in North America and Europe: a survey published by social scientist Anna Jobin and her colleagues found 21 in the US, 19 in the EU, 13 in the UK, four in Japan, and one each from the United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, and South Korea.

Patent IPR Attorneys in India* Patenting PCT Inventions & Brand Trademark Lawyer


Give us Innovative Puzzle and we will solve that puzzle. Intellectual Property Right scenario is to work in holistic view for knowledge exchange and visioning a world to solve massive issues which needs urgent attention to increase GDP of India aka Bharat. Are you looking for Chief Innovation Officier? Are you looking for Invention Harvesting and Invention Management? Doing international patent information researches, Patent Mapping to products to identify infringers, Intellectual Property Rights management for universities, drafting patent specifications, preparing response to notification of reasons for innovation refusal, go to person to facilitate patent licensing and initiating patent infringement proceedings before the Delhi High Court.

AI fast-tracks human longevity extension - Deep Longevity


Deep Longevity, which specialises in the development and the application of next-generation AI for aging and longevity research, has announced the publication of an article in Nature Aging titled Artificial Intelligence in Longevity Medicine, written by Alex Zhavoronkov, Evelyne Yehudit Bischof and Kai-Fu Lee. Longevity.Technology: Longevity and AI are deeply enmeshed; from accelerating innovation and technology transfer, to developing personalised health therapies, the presence of AI is a key factor in extending lifespan and healthspan and ensuring maximum wellness. Next-generation AI could not only improve longevity investigative strategies and research, but push them in entirely new directions – vive la révolution! Hong Kong-based Deep Longevity was spun out of Insilico Medicine and quickly acquired by Regent Pacific. It develops explainable AI systems to track the rate of aging at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, system, physiological and psychological levels, as well as developing systems for the emerging field of longevity medicine. Creators of deep aging clocks that leverage data from multiple biomarkers, Deep Longevity, through a research partnership with Human Longevity, Inc, provides various aging clocks to physicians and researchers.

Meet Astra, 'Valorant's' galaxy brain new agent coming in Act 2

Washington Post - Technology News

"With Astra we wanted to make a controller that was thinking about the whole map," said Jordan "Riot Wrekz" Anton, a designer at Riot Games. "Her global presence was there right from the beginning. From there the fine tuning was in finding the right abilities to balance predicting enemies' actions and reacting to changing game circumstances.

Hospital Tests Neuromorphic Chip-Powered Robotic Arm


The first clinical trial involving an experimental artificial intelligence chip made by Intel Corp. will begin in the next few months, with patients using a robotic arm at a pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation hospital in Israel. ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem will work with computer scientists at the Open University of Israel and other experts to test how neuromorphic computing, which imitates the way the human brain works, could be used to operate a robotic arm mounted onto a wheelchair.

How AI is Affecting the VPN Industry


We all are aware of AI and all the amazing things it is capable of. We have seen how it has helped us solve the most complex problems like they were no big thing and become more productive by reducing human error. However, AI also brings along the challenges of data privacy and security. In one way or another, we are trading our personal information for comfort. Sure, we are safeguarded by encryption.

[D] Germany vs Canada for MS in Machine Learning


I have been an ML engineer for over 2 years in a US based company in India. Working in this company(service based) I saw my whole life playout: Senior MLE in a year, Solution Architect in a couple more, and finally leading a project in a couple more years with proportional increase in pay of course. Seeing my next 5-7 years pan out this way I suddenly realized that this wont be sufficient to satisfy the intellectual in me and also made me realize how much I am actually interested in research (I have a paper published in IEEE related to Deep Learning and Instrumentation) and how much I enjoy making something new. So in short, as my first priority I am looking for something research driven. Since I am research/innovation driven, post MS I will be looking for a job in a research lab (or a research wing in a company).