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Ontologies and Semantic Annotation. Part 1: What Is an Ontology -


In the abundance of information, both machines and human researchers need tools to navigate and process it. Structuring and formalization of data into hierarchies, such as trees, may establish the relations between the data required for efficient machine processing and may make the information more readable for data analysts. Yet, in more complex domains, such as in natural language processing, relations between concepts go beyond simple hierarchies and form thesaurus-like networks. For such cases, researchers use ontologies as common vocabularies for specialists who need to share information in a domain. Ontologies were first defined as "explicit formal specifications of the terms in the domain and relations among them" (Gruber 1993) and, more specifically, "a formal, explicit specification of a shared conceptualization" (Studer et al. 1998) and are used in a number of applications, including the following, as specified by Noy and McGuinness (Noy and McGuinness 2001): Ontologies are the tools to provide comprehensive description of the domain of interest with respect to the users' needs It is something that we see when, for example, medical information is published on, several different websites.

Nine tools I wish I mastered before my PhD in Machine Learning


Despite its monumental role in advancing technology, academia is often ignorant of industrial achievements. By the end of my PhD I realised that there is a myriad of great auxiliary tools, overlooked…

NFL and AWS Artificial Intelligence Challenge Awards $100,000 for New Ways to …


… prevent injuries in the future leveraging data," said Dr. Priya Ponnapalli, Senior Manager at the Amazon Machine Learning (ML) Solutions Lab.

How do Vision Transformers work? An Image is Worth 16x16 Words


Transformers, an architecture fully made up of attention has outrivaled the competing NLP models after its release. These powerful models are very efficient and can scale up to billions, or even trillions of parameters with the recent release of GPT-4. They benefit from the growing dataset sizes and computation limits. They also generalize well to other applications, illustrated by the huge success of pre-trained BERTs being fine-tuned and applied to many applications. Mostly because previously proposed self-attention mechanisms were infeasible in medium/large images since the complexity relied on the number of pixels.

Copy and paste text from images with this cheap lifetime subscription


TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to TextSniper for Mac is on sale for £2.92, saving you 42% off list price. TextSniper is a Mac app that lets you extract text from sources like images, YouTube videos, PDFs, screenshots, or presentations. Thanks to advanced OCR (optical character recognition) technology, TextSniper can scan and recognise the text within any digital image, video, or document. It will then copy it, allowing you to paste the text directly into an editable format, like a note, text, or even Google Doc. It can also turn recognised text into speech, in case there's a word or phrase you need to be pronounced, and scan barcodes and QR codes and turn them into text..

Robot umpires? Let's leave baseball to real, live human beings.


I have nothing against progress. Some of my best friends are traveling shoe salesmen, and I can't tell you how many times my stone hand ax has come in handy around the cave. But I can't shake the feeling we've gone a tad too far with technology. The latest assault on our humanity came Thursday, when news broke that Major League Baseball would use an automated strike zone at Triple-A this season. It means robot umpires will be one heartbeat from the big leagues -- a ''heartbeat'' being that thing once used to deduce whether a ''person'' was alive.

Worldwide AI software market to reach $62 billion in 2022 -- Gartner


The AI software forecast from Gartner is based on use cases, measuring the amount of potential business value, timing of business value and risk to project how use cases will grow. According to the global research firm and consultancy, the top five use case categories for AI software spending in 2022 will be knowledge management; virtual assistants; autonomous vehicles; digital workplace; and crowdsourced data. The AI software market encompasses applications with AI embedded in them, such as computer vision software, as well as software that is used to build AI systems. "The AI software market is picking up speed, but its long-term trajectory will depend on enterprises advancing their AI maturity," said Alys Woodward, senior research director at Gartner. "Successful AI business outcomes will depend on the careful selection of use cases. Use cases that deliver significant business value, yet can be scaled to reduce risk, are critical to demonstrate the impact of AI investment to business stakeholders."

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Take-Two develops and publishes some of the world's biggest games. Our Rockstar label creates Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, two of the most critically acclaimed gaming franchises in history. Our 2K label creates games like NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Bioshock, Borderlands, Evolve, XCOM and the beloved Sid Meier's Civilization. Our Private Division label publishes Kerbal Space Program, Ancestors and The Outer Worlds. While our offices (physical and virtual) are casual and inviting, we are deeply committed to our core tenets of creativity, innovation and efficiency, and individual and team development opportunities.

Sponsored post: AI bias regulation is good for business


Many organizations are highly concerned about AI bias and are working to put guardrails in place to mitigate AI bias. Unfortunately, most of the time these guardrails are not effective enough. Despite pouring more resources into AI bias mitigation efforts than ever before (84% of organizations surveyed are planning to invest more in AI bias prevention in the next 12 months), AI bias continues to harm both individuals and businesses every day -- about a third of organizations have inadvertently contributed to bias in some form despite their best efforts.

Elon Musk's Neuralink Ready to Test Its Brain Chips on Humans - Purgedmedia News


Neuralink, the brain chip company co-founded in 2016 by the Tesla CEO, posted a notice looking for clinical trial director to work with the start-up's first trial participants. The company is looking to build interfaces between human brains and external electronic devices. According to Musk, the first version of this product is able to transmit information on the muscular activity of the person wearing it via Bluetooth technology. In other words, with each of your movements, the chip can identify the location of your muscles. The chips would both record and stimulate brain activity with the goal of helping those with serious spinal-cord injuries and neurological disorders.