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Are you just starting out programming and wondering where to learn Machine Learning? Check out my website This website teaches you Machine Learning in seven easy and concise lessons built for programming beginners. It takes you from what to download to program Machine Learning algorithms all the way to programming Neural Networks on your own computer. Not only that, but you can also learn applications of Machine Learning in the real world, like how Spotify creates personalized playlists for you, and how they are programmed.

Student Group Spotlight: CAIS++ Showcases "AI for Social Good" Projects


As the student branch of the USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society, CAIS++ members work to promote the development of AI applications for …

Get Ready to Experience AI Technology at Your Digital Workplace


Artificial Intelligence is gradually evolving the idea of our day to day lifestyle. No wonder, the style of working is also an integral part of our daily life. The concept of "agile workplace" used to be a far-fetched dream for humans. The invention of technology has made everything possible for us. Chatbots, AI-enabled Robots had never been invented if the AI technology was not available.

AI: the smart money is on the smart thinking - PMLiVE


AI could also have a transformative effect on clinical decision-making through the utilisation of the huge levels of genomic, biomarker, phenotype, behavioural, biographical and clinical data that is generated across the health system. Bayer and Merck & Co provide a perfect example of this. They have developed an AI software system to support clinical decision-making of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) – a rare form of pulmonary hypertension. The software helps differentiate patients from those suffering with similar symptoms that are actually a result of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and therefore diagnose CTEPH more reliably and efficiently. The CTEPH Pattern Recognition Artificial Intelligence obtained FDA Breakthrough Device Designation in December 2018.

Chest CT Scan Machine Learning in 5 minutes


This post provides an overview of chest CT scan machine learning organized by clinical goal, data representation, task, and model. A chest CT scan is a grayscale 3-dimensional medical image that depicts the chest, including the heart and lungs. CT scans are used for the diagnosis and monitoring of many different conditions including cancer, fractures, and infections. The clinical goal refers to the medical abnormality that is the focus of the study. Many CT machine learning papers focus on lung nodules.

A.I. Is Not Going to Magically Deliver a Coronavirus Vaccine


In late February, a paper appeared in the journal Cell with encouraging news regarding one of the world's most persistent public health problems. Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University had used artificial intelligence to identify a chemical compound with powerful antibiotic properties against some of the world's most drug-resistant strains of bacteria -- a welcome discovery in a world where 700,000 people die every year from drug-resistant infections. It was the first time an antibacterial compound had been identified this way. The researchers named it halicin, in honor of the computer HAL in the film 2001: Space Odyssey. While the global need for new antibiotics to treat drug-resistant infections is as pressing as it was at the start of the year, the world's attention has been diverted by the novel coronavirus pandemic, and the hunt for a vaccine that can halt Covid's spread.

COVID-19 Vaccine Development: Know How Machine Learning Can Assist


Several deadly viral outbreaks have happened in every part of the world, making all the nations race for a vaccine development every time. Similarly, COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus demands numerous research teams to find a vaccine to fight against this lethal virus. Wonder how machine learning contributes? Advanced technology is the greatest strength that researchers have in this digital era as it gathers data from all resources and offers useful insights. It's not just the biological researchers who work for vaccine development.

eharmony vs. EliteSingles: How do the dating sites compare in the UK?


Online dating is great, but there's a slight shudder factor attached to the practice now that everyone and their mother (literally) has some sort of profile. The biggest advantage, obviously, is the potential to meet thousands of eligible singles who you likely wouldn't have known existed otherwise. But whether those singles use their profile regularly or are even on it for the right reasons is another question -- thus, the terrifying edge that can cause singles genuinely searching for the real thing to shy away from such a valuable tool. SEE ALSO: Match vs. eharmony: Both are for serious relationships, but how do the dating sites compare in the UK? When the dating pool is so deep, it's important to narrow down your options to dating sites that are most likely to attract a very specific type of person and introduce you to people who have the same intentions that you do.

Software Can Recreate 3D Spaces From Random Internet Photos


The photo, which was upsampled from a pixelated image of the former president, depicted him as a white man and was created through artificial intelligence--bringing up the question of bias in machine learning generative models.

Anomaly Detection through Reinforcement Learning


As Artificial Intelligence is becoming a mainstream and easily available commercial technology, both organizations and criminals are trying to take full advantage of it. In particular, there are predictions by cyber security experts that going forward, the world will witness many AI-powered cyber attacks1. This mandates the development of more sophisticated cyber defense systems using autonomous agents which are capable of generating and executing effective policies against such attacks, without human feedback in the loop. In this series of blog posts, we plan to write about such next generation cyber defense systems. One effective approach of detecting many types of cyber threats is to treat it as an anomaly detection problem and use machine learning or signature-based approaches to build detection systems.