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How To Build A Computer Vision Model Using AutoML


Are you thinking of learning programming languages like C, Python or R to work on machine learning projects? AutoML could save you all the time and effort. Lately, Automated machine learning or AutoML has become a popular solution to build computer vision systems. The tech communities are awash with conversations around AutoML as to how it will change the way machine learning is done with limited or no coding knowledge. From autonomous vehicles to handwritten text recognition, face recognition, personalised recommendations, and diagnosing from x-ray images, computer vision is transforming industries globally.

How Machine Learning Transforms Marketing World? - IMC Grupo


Machine learning is not new to the marketing field. Hardly any company hasn't yet implemented these benefits to optimize content, boost customer experience, and increase sales. But as time goes, ML tools become even more elaborate and help marketers conquer all the new peaks in improving their efficiency and satisfying consumers. As a subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning is the computer's ability to develop new, more effective solutions through analyzing previous mistakes, choices, and decisions. Machine analysis is faster and more accurate than human, so it saves months of time and can be applied to almost any marketing task.

How The Big Four Dodged Pandemic And Made Record Earnings


"The big tech is banking heavily on AI, Cloud and 5G technologies to retain customers and drive growth" A global emergency can smother your business, government lawsuits can break your company, competitors with trillion-dollar market value can wipe your organisation off the map. But what would happen when all three come together in the same year? The pandemic brought the world to a standstill. The internet giants, however, came out of it unscathed. Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook, popularly known as the big four, have not only survived a combination of calamities but registered profits and left the Wall Street analysts dumbfounded.

6 AI Myths Debunked


"Artificial intelligence (AI)I will automate everything and put people out of work." "AI is a science-fiction technology." "Robots will take over the world." The hype around AI has produced many myths, in mainstream media, in board meetings and across organizations. Some worry about an "almighty" AI that will take over the world, and some think that AI is nothing more than a buzzword.

IBM launches AutoSQL, Watson Orchestrate, CodeNet enterprise AI tools at Think


IBM launched a series of tools that revolve around accelerating AI adoption in the enterprise including one called Watson Orchestrate that may be set up to be a knowledge worker's digital twin. CEO Arvind Krishna's overarching message at IBM's Think conference is that the company is all in on AI and hybrid cloud. The company showed traction in those categories in the first quarter and is structuring itself on those two areas. Indeed, the build up to Think has been busy. "In the same way that we have electrified factories and machines in the past century, we will infuse AI into software and systems in the 21st century," said Krishna.

More On How Google Uses Machine Learning In Google Search


This past Friday, I asked John Mueller of Google a bit more on if and how Google may use machine learning for adjusting the weights of various ranking signals. The short answer is, Google may or may not do this, depending on the specific ranking signal. But keep in mind, I narrowed the question specifically to if and how Google may use machine learning for adjusting the weights of individual ranking signals. It may be also the case machine learning is used amongst multiple ranking signals or to maybe even create new ones based on the query. It is hard to know for sure.

Robot That Senses Hidden Objects – "We're Trying to Give Robots Superhuman Perception"


MIT researchers developed a picking robot that combines vision with radio frequency (RF) sensing to find and grasps objects, even if they're hidden from view. The technology could aid fulfilment in e-commerce warehouses. System uses penetrative radio frequency to pinpoint items, even when they're hidden from view. In recent years, robots have gained artificial vision, touch, and even smell. "Researchers have been giving robots human-like perception," says MIT Associate Professor Fadel Adib.

Data Science is Where to Find the Most AI Jobs and Highest Salaries - AI Trends


Jobs in data science grew nearly 46% in 2020, with salaries in the range of $100,000 to $130,000 annually, according to a recent account in TechRepublic based on information from LinkedIn and LHH, formerly Lee Hecht Harrison, a global provider of talent and leadership development. Related job titles include data science specialist and data management analyst. Novacoast, which helps organizations build a cybersecurity posture through engineering, development, and managed services. Founded in 1996 in Santa Barbara, the company has many remote employees and a presence in the UK, Canada, Mexico, and Guatemala. The company offers a security operations center (SOC) cloud offering called novaSOC, that analyzes emerging challenges.

Tech Giants have Robust Hiring Plans for the Post-Pandemic World


On May 4th, Infosys announced that it is planning to hire 1,000 workers in the next three years to support the UK economy post the pandemic. These fresh hires would be working in the innovative digital space with disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data analytics. The employees will also be provided with critical training and mentoring. Infosys said that it will mostly hire fresh graduates from different universities in the UK and the new recruits will be working in Infosys' design studio in Shoreditch, an innovation center in Canary Wharf, proximity centers in Nottingham, and other client locations across the country. Infosys is globally recognized as a top employer and this initiative will enable to bridge the gap that occurred in recent digital transformations across different industries.

Microsoft Will Soon Kill Flash on Windows 10 for Good


The most recent big iOS update, which makes it easier to opt out of ads that track you across apps and web sites, has sent the digital marketing industry into a bit of a tizzy. That includes Facebook, which has been telling users that tracking helps keep its services "free of charge." Facebook is doing just fine, and choosing to preserve your privacy is not going to result in an Instagram service fee. Elsewhere in social media privacy news, Twitter rolled out a so-called Tip Jar this week that lets you send money to your favorite users. But it failed to vet how PayPal handles payments, potentially exposing users' home or email addresses when they send or receive a tip.