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factorization and global graph refinement

Multi-view Clustering with Deep Matrix Factorization and Global Graph Refinement


Multi-view clustering is an important yet challenging task in machine learning and data mining community. One popular strategy for multi-view clustering is matrix factorization which could explore useful feature representations at lower-dimensional space and therefore alleviate dimension curse. However, there are two major drawbacks in the existing work: i) most matrix factorization methods are limited to shadow depth, which leads to the inability to fully discover the rich hidden information of original data. Few deep matrix factorization methods provide a basis for the selection of the new representation's dimensions of different layers. To tackle the above issues, we propose a novel Multi-View Clustering method with Deep semi-NMF and Global Graph Refinement (MVC-DMF-GGR) in this paper. Firstly, we capture new representation matrices for each view by hierarchical decomposition, then learn a common graph by approximating a combination of graphs which are reconstructed from these new representations to refine the new representations in return.