[NLP] Hire Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning Services


Natural Language Processing is fast becoming Artificial Intelligence's new frontier which we all are using on daily basis – Siri, Google search, chatbots, automatic translation are just some examples. NLP can offer much more within your organization. We can combine together with your existing business applications tailor-made solution to analyze text, understand the conclusions without human effort, turn unstructured data into tabular data and much more.

Why voice is a game changer for market research WARC


Voice and the rise of home devices and smart speakers are opening up new possibilities for researchers, enabling respondents to engage beyond simply typing a response and creating opportunities for ongoing dialogue. In an ESOMAR paper, What market research can learn from Alexa & Siri, a trio of authors – Young Ham (Kantar Australia), Jason Dodge (Kantar US) and Rebecca Southern (Kantar Australia) – extol the benefits of chatbots and AI. "These can help bridge the gap between quantitative and qualitative, offering more in-depth ways to better understand today's consumers," they write. "These give the chance to participate in a more interactive, flowing manner that is more conversational than a typed response." And for marketing and insights teams, they add, "AI can deliver smarter, more impactful consumer engagement... at scale".

Foundations of the Best Chatbot CX


So, you've decided that conversational marketing is right for your business, and you're planning on implementing an AI chatbot. What are your first steps? How do you get started? On this episode of Solving for CX, we jump right into a chat with Connor Cirillo, Conversational Marketing Manager at Hubspot. Connor discusses how artificial intelligence and AI chatbots can be set up to drive the success of an organization.

AI-Powered Chatbot App on Mobile and Desktop Screens Can Help the Homeless


A new AI-(artificial intelligence) powered mobile and desktop chatbot app helps homeless people find the services and supports they need. The free, 24/7 support service puts real-time information about free meals, clothing banks, overnight shelters, drop-in facilities and more on the screens of desktop computers and mobile phones through a simple, scripted question-and-answer text box format. Called Chalmers, the chatbot also provides emergency crisis lines (other than 911) so people can get help with domestic abuse cases or mental health concerns. Unfortunately, the rapid adoption of Chalmers demonstrates an immediate and ever-increasing need for its service. In 2016, an estimated 133,000 people "experienced homelessness", according to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

How AI Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing


Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing are beginning to go hand in hand. With the ability to collect data, analyze it, apply it and then learn from it- AI is transforming digital strategy. As it continues to advance, so will the capabilities to use it to improve digital marketing strategies and valuable customer insights for companies. Here are 3 ways AI is changing digital marketing for the better. The most important aspect of a successful digital marketing strategy is great customer experience.

How AI is Making Work More Human


When you really think about it, what we call "work" hasn't evolved much since the Industrial Revolution: While the technology has made most tasks easier, the name of the game is still mass production--codifying business processes using technology and scaling it across the entire enterprise. But artificial intelligence (AI) changes the game. Rather than fitting people into a repetitive process, AI offers the opportunity to liberate them from it altogether, freeing their time and creative energy for more strategic and meaningful work. For the first time since the Industrial Revolution, technology is being used to bring humanity back to work. This revolution actually began at home, thanks to the smart technology behind Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, which have found a place in our daily lives.

Best Devices with Artificial Intelligence for Your Home


Artificial Intelligence used to be a fictive narrative from Isaac Asimov's novels and futuristic films. Today it's 2019, and AI is no longer just a product of imagination. Let's take a look at the world's favorite futuristic movies. We already have them in every household. These can be easily found on Amazon and even your local Home Depot.

NVIDIA AI Platform Takes Conversational User Experience To A New Level


After breaking all the records related to training computer vision models, NVIDIA now claims that it's AI platform is able to train a natural language neural network model based on one of the largest datasets in a record time. It also claims that the inference time is just 2 milliseconds which translates to an extremely fast response from the model participating in a conversation with a user. After computer vision, natural language processing is one of the top applications of AI. From Siri to Alexa to Cortana to Google Assistant, all conversational user experiences are powered by AI. The advancements in AI research is putting the power of language understanding and conversational interface into the hands of developers.

Hey, Siri, how about some shortcuts to help save me some time. Siri says, 'Sure'

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Who wouldn't like to get more done in less time? That's the idea behind Siri Shortcuts, a popular Apple app for iPhone and iPad, and built into the upcoming iOS 13 operating system, out in beta release now with a full upgrade due this fall soon after new iPhones hit in September. As the name suggests, Siri Shortcuts link the voice-controlled personal assistant you already know with time-saving shortcuts for tasks you want to perform. By simply asking for it – or tapping the screen if you're not in a place to freely use your voice – your iPhone or iPad can quickly heed your request. In other words, Siri Shortcuts – previously known as Workflow – fuses small actions to yield big results.

How SmartBots developed a new, innovative, voice-enabled SMART BOT!


Today's world is built on information. Everyday data is generated or collected, with information on facts, figures and statistics continuing to grow. With so much data available, it becomes increasingly hard to know which data has value, and where exactly to look. The universal problem experienced by companies of all sizes is access to vast amounts of useful customer and market data masked (or engulfed) with valuable insights. There's simply too much information to process.