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Nvidia unveils new kind of Ethernet for AI, Grace Hopper 'Superchip' in full production


Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang showed off the first iteration of Spectrum-X, the Spectrum-4 chip, with one hundred billion transistors in a 90-millimeter by 90-millimeter die. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, offering the opening keynote of the Computex computer technology conference, on Monday in Taipei, Taiwan, unveiled a host of new products, including a new kind of ethernet switch dedicated to moving high-volumes of data for artificial intelligence tasks. "How do we introduce a new ethernet, that is backward compatible with everything, to turn every data center into a generative AI data center?" "For the very first time we are bringing the capabilities of high performance computing into the ethernet market," said Huang. The Spectrum-X, as the family of ethernet is known, is "the world's first high-performance ethernet for AI," according to Nvidia.

NVIDIA's next DGX supercomputer is all about generative AI


NVIDIA CEO Jensen Hiang made a string of announcements during his Computex keynote, including details about the company's next DGX supercomputer. Given where the industry is clearly heading, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the DGX GH200 is largely about helping companies develop generative AI models. The supercomputer uses a new NVLink Switch System to enable 256 GH200 Grace Hopper superchips to act as a single GPU (each of the chips has an Arm-based Grace CPU and an H100 Tensor Core GPU). This, according to NVIDIA, allows the DGX GH200 to deliver 1 exaflop of performance and to have 144 terabytes of shared memory. The company says that's nearly 500 times as much memory as you'd find in a single DGX A100 system.

Japan startup raises ¥4 billion to build space robot workforce

The Japan Times

The Japanese startup Gitai, fresh off raising a new round of funding, is expanding in the U.S. as it seeks to create a robot workforce that will reduce the costs and risks of operating in space. While Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are working on rockets and the challenges of getting to space, Gitai Chief Executive Officer Sho Nakanose is focused on labor costs. He believes it's too risky and impractical for humans to assemble and inspect machinery in space, while equipment now used is far too expensive. "The bottleneck of the space industry has been changing rapidly," Nakanose said in an interview on Bloomberg TV on Monday. "Huge space companies such as SpaceX and BlueOrigin are solving the space transportation problem, and now the bottleneck has changed from transportation costs to operational costs."

Fukui launches Japan's first transport service using 'level 4' autonomous driving

The Japan Times

Such services are expected to become a new means of public transit in regions facing population decline. In Eiheiji, where level 4 autonomous driving was approved for the first time in the country, a seven-seater electric cart developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and others runs on a section of a walking trail spanning about 2 kilometers. There is no operator in the cart, and one person in charge of remote monitoring manages up to three such electric carts. This could be due to a conflict with your ad-blocking or security software. Please add and to your list of allowed sites.

AI-generated misinformation likely to pose hazard in U.S. election campaigns

The Japan Times

Fast-evolving AI technology could turbocharge misinformation in U.S. political campaigns, observers say. The 2024 presidential race is expected to be the first American election that will see the widespread use of advanced tools powered by artificial intelligence that have increasingly blurred the boundaries between fact and fiction. Campaigns on both sides of the political divide are likely to harness this technology -- which is cheap, easily accessible and whose advances have vastly outpaced regulatory responses -- for voter outreach and to churn out fundraising newsletters within seconds. This could be due to a conflict with your ad-blocking or security software. Please add and to your list of allowed sites.

IRAM RAMZAN trials the latest 'digital companion' technology

Daily Mail - Science & tech

IRAM RAMZAN: A sunny afternoon walking along the beach and the breeze tugs at my hair as I nibble on the chocolate chip ice cream I've just bought for me and my companion to share.

Artificial intelligence model to help scientists predict whether breast cancer will spread

FOX News

Fox News' Eben Brown reports on how more companies are using A.I. technology to set retail prices based on data-driven supply-and-demand. Oncologists in the U.K. have developed an AI model to help predict whether aggressive forms of breast cancer will spread based on changes in a patient's lymph nodes. The research was published Thursday in the Journal of Pathology by Breast Cancer Now and funded by scientists at King's College of London. Secondary or "metastatic breast cancer" refers to when breast cancer cells spread to other parts of the body. Although treatable, it can't be cured.

A lawyer faces sanctions after he used ChatGPT to write a brief riddled with fake citations


With the hype around AI reaching a fever pitch in recent months, many people fear programs like ChatGPT will one day put them out of a job. For one New York lawyer, that nightmare could become a reality sooner than expected, but not for the reasons you might think. As reported by The New York Times, attorney Steven Schwartz of the law firm Levidow, Levidow and Oberman recently turned to OpenAI's chatbot for assistance with writing a legal brief, with predictably disastrous results. A lawyer used ChatGPT to do "legal research" and cited a number of nonexistent cases in a filing, and is now in a lot of trouble with the judge Schwartz's firm has been suing the Columbian airline Avianca on behalf of Roberto Mata, who claims he was injured on a flight to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City.

Authorities try to determine why Venice canal turned green

Al Jazeera

The waters in Venice's main canal have turned fluorescent green in the area near Italy's renowned Rialto Bridge, as authorities seek to determine the cause. Italy's fire department posted a video on Sunday as one of its boats sailed on phosphorescent waters. "The Grand Canal coloured in green is what the fire department found this morning as we intervened together with ARPAV to collect samples and analyse this abnormal colour," it said. ARPAV, Veneto's regional environmental protection agency, said it received samples of the altered waters and was working to identify the substance that changed their colour. The Venice prefect has called an emergency meeting of police forces to understand what happened and study possible countermeasures, the ANSA news agency reported.

Russia pummels Kyiv with waves of explosive drones ahead of Ukrainian founding holiday

FOX News

Dozens of patients are undergoing rehabilitation at the Superhumans Center, a newly established medical center aiming to become Ukraine's first venue for for such treatment. Russian forces pummeled the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv with "Kamikaze" drone attacks throughout the night as the city prepared to celebrate the anniversary of its founding Sunday. Russia launched 54 Iranian-made drones at Kyiv and elsewhere in Ukraine, but air defenses shot down 52 of the drones, according to Ukrainian officials. Two people were killed during Saturday night's attack, with falling debris landing on one 41-year-old man and another person dying of unspecified causes, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said in a statement. Kyiv is marking the 1,541-year anniversary since its founding on Sunday.