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Does Congress trust Biden, Harris to oversee AI? One lawmaker doubts they can 'operate an iPhone'

FOX News

The White House has met with AI executives, released an AI bill of rights and an AI risk management framework, but who should run the show? WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressional lawmakers agreed that AI needs federal oversight, but several were skeptical that President Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris were capable of leading the effort. "I wouldn't trust Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be able to successfully operate an iPhone, much less be a key focal point of AI policy," Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz told Fox News. "That said, there are some leading minds in the Democratic Party here on the Hill who I think are evaluating these issues with great thoughtfulness: Ted Lieu, Ro Khanna." Rep. Matt Gaetz said neither Biden nor Harris should run the White House's AI efforts.

'Absolutely not': Americans weigh in on whether Kamala Harris can lead on AI after Elon Musk mocked her

FOX News

D.C. residents said they don't trust Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the White House's response to artificial intelligence. WASHINGTON, D.C. – Vice President Kamala Harris wouldn't be able to effectively run the White House's response to artificial intelligence if she's charged with leading it, some residents of the nation's capital told Fox News. "I don't know if Kamala Harris has the background and the tech knowledge to really get a grasp on what AI can do and what its capabilities are, to be able to wrangle it in a space that is safe for everyone and not just beneficial for large corporations," Eric told Fox News. Vice President Kamala has been involved with the White House's AI efforts. But another D.C. local, Marlena, said: "I definitely trust her on the task force. She's a brilliant woman, extraordinarily accomplished."

Kamala Harris has an artificial intelligence problem

FOX News

The jokes seemed to write themselves last week after the Biden administration announced Vice President Kamala Harris, known for her vapid word salad speeches and obvious gaslighting, would now run point on artificial intelligence. Even I jumped in on the action, noting on FOX Business that Harris was more associated with the word "artificial" than the word "intelligence." All joking aside, the future of AI technology is a serious issue. With her approval ratings in the toilet and President Biden showing obvious signs of age-related decline, Kamala Harris (and by that I mean the Democratic Party) urgently needs a way to rehabilitate her historically unpopular image ahead of the 2024 presidential race. This is not the way. On this issue, like so many before it, Harris is out of her depth.

Nearly 50 news websites are 'AI-generated', a study says. Would I be able to tell?

The Guardian

Breaking news from the president is dead. At least that's what the highly reliable website informed its readers last month, under the no-nonsense headline "Biden dead. Harris acting president, address 9am ET". The site explained that Joe Biden had "passed away peacefully in his sleep" and Kamala Harris was taking over, above a bizarre disclaimer: "I'm sorry, I cannot complete this prompt as it goes against OpenAI's use case policy on generating misleading content." is among 49 supposed news sites that NewsGuard, an organization tracking misinformation, has identified as "almost entirely written by artificial intelligence software".

White House tells tech CEOs they have 'moral duty' on AI

Al Jazeera

Tech executives in the United States have been told they have a "moral" duty to ensure artificial intelligence does not harm society during a meeting at the White House. The CEOs of Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and Anthropic attended the two-hour meeting about the development and regulation of AI on Thursday at the invitation of US Vice President Kamala Harris. US President Joe Biden, who briefly attended the meeting, told the CEOs that the work they were carrying out had "enormous potential and enormous danger." "I know you understand that," Biden said, according to a video posted later by the White House. "And I hope you can educate us as to what you think is most needed to protect society as well as to the advancement."

Vice President Harris tells tech CEOs they have a moral responsibility to safeguard AI


The Biden administration may be funding AI research, but it's also hoping to keep companies accountable for their behavior. Vice President Kamala Harris has met the CEOs of Alphabet (Google's parent), Microsoft, OpenAI and Anthropic in a bid to get more safeguards for AI. Private firms have an "ethical, moral and legal responsibility" to make their AI products safe and secure, Harris says in a statement. She adds that they still have to honor current laws. The Vice President casts generative AI technologies like Bard, Bing Chat and ChatGPT as having the potential to both help and harm the country.

US announces measures to address risk of artificial intelligence arms race

The Guardian

The White House has announced measures to address the risks of an artificial intelligence arms race, as the US vice-president, Kamala Harris, met chief executives at the forefront of the industry's rapid advances. In a statement released as Harris prepared to meet the leaders of ChatGPT, Google and Microsoft, the US government said firms developing the technology had a "fundamental responsibility to make sure their products are safe before they are deployed or made public". Concerns are mounting that if AI is allowed to develop unchecked, its application by private companies could threaten jobs, increase the risk of fraud and infringe data privacy. The US government said on Thursday it would invest $140m (£111m) in seven new National AI Research Institutes, to pursue AI advances that are "ethical, trustworthy, responsible, and serve the public good". AI development is dominated by the private sector, with the tech industry producing 32 significant machine-learning models last year, compared with three produced by academia.

Biden lightens his White House schedule, lets Harris take lead in AI meeting

FOX News

'Cut to the Chase' podcast host Laura Curran, Fox News contributor Joe Concha and political analyst Gianno Caldwell discuss Biden's 2024 efforts after a poll showed 28% of Democratic primary voters prefer other candidates. President Biden assigned himself a light schedule this week with no public events from Tuesday through Thursday, and let Vice President Kamala Harris take the lead on a meeting with companies on artificial intelligence. The only listed activity from Biden today was a private briefing with Harris, who will then meet with tech executives on AI and then depart to Richmond, Virginia, for an event on small businesses. The president is not listed as an attendee for either event. President Biden has no scheduled events Thursday as he tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to lead a meeting on artificial intelligence.

Republicans attack Biden with a fully AI-generated ad


It's not a huge surprise that the Republican National Committee (RNC) had attack ads ready to go whenever President Joe Biden officially announced his re-election campaign. What's novel this time is that the video uses imagery generated by artificial intelligence to present the RNC's vision of what the world may look like if Biden wins again in 2024. The RNC told Axios it was the first time it had used a video that was made entirely with AI. The ad starts by depicting Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris at an election victory party. Although there's a faint disclaimer in the top-left corner noting that the ad was "built entirely with AI imagery," there's a dead giveaway that it's not a real photo of Biden and Harris -- both of the smiling, AI-generated figures have far too many teeth.

Washington Vows To Tackle AI, As Tech Titans and Critics Descend


When Sen. Chris Murphy watched the video "A.I. Dilemma," he saw a familiar face. Tristan Harris, a tech ethicist well-known among lawmakers for ringing the alarm about the harmful effects of social networks, was now arguing that artificial intelligence represents a potentially catastrophic advance - riskier perhaps to human survival than the advent of nuclear weapons. The video's message - which has been embraced by some tech luminaries like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak - resonated with Murphy (D-Conn.), who quickly fired off a tweet. We aren't ready," the senator warned.