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Why Advisors Are Still a Long Way From Embracing AI: Schwab


Conversational artificial intelligence, natural language processing and voice could be the next disruptive technologies in the financial services industry, but there continue to be barriers to advisors and clients of theirs and other financial institutions accepting these technologies, according to Kyle Caffey, managing director of conversational AI at Charles Schwab, and Swapna Malekar, product lead at RBC. "Financial use cases can be more complicated, and so delivering a good client experience could certainly be a part of that adoption barrier," Caffey said last week while speaking during a "Future Focus" session at the Finovate Fall Digital online conference. Another big issue is that "the nature of the data that we're relying on and passing through some of these technologies is sensitive," he said, underscoring the importance of risk management. Schwab has been careful with privacy and the "security of our clients' data as we pursue some of these technologies -- and that's something that we've been very mindful [of] as we've executed on our vision and road map, and it's something for any financial services firm or bank that's considering deploying conversational AI … to make sure they're paying attention to," he said. In most cases, business use cases for technology are "built on either a revenue plan or an expense savings plan," he noted, adding: "Certainly, conversational AI brings to bear capabilities on both sides of the business case." But Schwab "really started with the client experience and thought about'how do we make our digital ecosystem as accessible and simple for our clients [as possible] to get them what they're looking to get done?'"

Amazon's Alexa gets a new brain on Echo, becomes smarter via AI and aims for ambience


Amazon is making Alexa smarter with natural turn-taking, having conversations with multiple people, natural language understanding, and the ability to be taught by customers. The first target is the smart home, but Alexa for Business is also likely to follow. Also: When is Prime Day 2020? The Alexa overhaul and artificial intelligence improvements were outlined as Amazon launched its latest batch of Echo devices. Amazon's new Echo devices are evolving to be more smart home edge computing devices.

Say What? Conversational AI Takes the Mic at GTC


Conversational AI is revolutionizing how businesses operate in every industry with applications like virtual agents, chatbots and assistants. Creating an intelligent and intuitive app involves quickly adapting new state-of-the-art research and deploying it in production. You can learn about the latest advancements in this area at the GPU Technology Conference, taking place October 5-9. At GTC, researchers and developers from leading institutions across the globe will share new techniques and innovations in speech recognition, natural language processing and text-to-speech technologies. At GTC, the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute is offering instructor-led, hands-on training on how to use Transformer-based natural language processing models for text classification tasks, such as categorizing documents.

NLP Trends and Use Cases in 2020


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the most exciting fields of artificial intelligence that enables computers to understand human languages. NLP techniques are constantly evolving and promising applications are increasingly implemented by organizations to solve a wide range of problems. What exactly are companies using NLP for? What are exciting NLP techniques in a practical context and what are the challenges when applying them? We talked to thought leaders applying NLP in different industries about their favorite NLP techniques, the biggest trends, as well as opportunities and challenges of NLP in 2020.

AI can detect how lonely you are by analysing your speech

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Artificial intelligence (AI) can detect loneliness with 94 per cent accuracy from a person's speech, a new scientific paper reports. Researchers in the US used several AI tools, including IBM Watson, to analyse transcripts of older adults interviewed about feelings of loneliness. By analysing words, phrases, and gaps of silence during the interviews, the AI assessed loneliness symptoms nearly as accurately as loneliness questionnaires completed by the participants themselves, which can be biased. It revealed that lonely individuals tend to have longer responses to direct questions about loneliness, and express more sadness in their answers. 'Most studies use either a direct question of "how often do you feel lonely", which can lead to biased responses due to stigma associated with loneliness,' said senior author Ellen Lee at UC San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine.

AI's Latest Breakthrough Will Transform Learning--Here Are 5 Ways


The Fourth Industrial Revolution just took a huge step forward, thanks to a breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI) model that can learn virtually anything about the world -- and produce the content to tell us about it. The AI program is GPT-3 by OpenAI, which started out as a language model to predict the next word in a sentence and has vastly exceeded that capability. Now, drawing from voluminous data -- essentially all of Wikipedia, links from Reddit, and other Internet content -- GPT-3 has shown it can also compose text that is virtually indistinguishable from human-generated content. Asger Alstrup Palm, Area9's chief technology officer, explained that GPT-3 was tasked with testing the "scaling hypothesis" -- to see if a bigger model with ever-increasing amounts of information would lead to better performance. Although it's too early to call the scaling hypothesis proven, there are some strong indications that this is, indeed, the case. Further validating the potential of GPT-3, Microsoft recently announced it will exclusively license the model from OpenAI, with the intention of developing and delivering AI solutions for customers and creating new solutions using natural language generation.

The best wireless workout headphones


As some of you might know, I'm a runner. On occasion I review sports watches, and outside of work I'm a certified marathon coach. So when it became clear Engadget wanted to round up the best wireless workout headphones, I raised my hand. And the timing feels particularly appropriate. Until now I was still using wired buds (old habits die hard), and it happened that every pair I owned was on the fritz.

How to bring Zoom to your TV (coming soon) with Alexa

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If you're also tired of taking daily Zoom calls on your laptop, maybe you'd prefer to just turn on the TV, lay back, and learn or conduct business from the couch. Earlier this week, we wrote about a new video device for Microsoft Teams, but it's really large, at 85 inches, and really costly, at $21,199. Amazon is introducing a less pricey option later this year. "I just believe that your big, beautiful TV is a great place for communications and we're going to continue to lean in to make that a better experience well," said Marc Whitten, vice president of Amazon Entertainment Devices and Services. To drive the new device,you'll need the Fire TV Cube, a $119 accessory that's different from the Fire TV streaming stick units.

Top 12 Data Science Skills to Learn in 2020


"We're entering a new world in which data may be more important than software." If you want to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving domain, you need to regularly update your skills with the latest changes. In the following section, we will share the top Data Science skills that not only a practicing Data Scientist would benefit from, but also anyone who's passionate about working his way around large volumes of data. If you code anything at all, we're sure you must've heard about GitHub. GitHub is among the most commonly used tools by the developers today after Stack Overflow.

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer


We care deeply about the success of our customers and strive to help them achieve their goals in inspiring and engaging with their workforce. Sense is seeking a Senior Machine Learning Engineer to deliver our contractor communication platform to the world's best places to work. Sense is a rapidly scaling company making this the best environment to take on ownership as well as learning how to grow a company. The Chatbot team at Sense is building a Recruiting conversational assistant -- a virtual assistant to help job seekers find the right opportunity. Sense's chatbot is responsible for interactions with candidates for help gathering their relevant skills, updating their resumes and identifying those jobs for which they are best suited.