Keeping Up with Robotics Trends Through RoboCup


In March 2017, I joined the MathWorks Student Competitions team to focus on supporting university-level robotics competitions. The competition I spend most time with is RoboCup, which is great because RoboCup contains a variety of leagues and skill levels that keeps me sharp with almost everything going on in the field. Today I will talk about my experience in this role, and what it's been like returning to robotics and academia after more than 5 years away from the field. Let me start with a personal history lesson about my experience in robotics. I am a mechanical engineer with a background in controls, dynamics, and systems.

Buster Posey explains why robot umps could call more balls than strike


But it's something being implemented and tested in the baseball world. The independent Atlantic League was the first victim to test the newest technology that includes a real-life umpire still manning his or her duties behind the plate while they wear an earpiece connected to an iPhone. That person would then relay the call from the TrackMan computer system that uses Doppler radar. That's at least how plate umpire Brian deBrauwere executed it back in July as he described it to ESPN. And Giants catcher Buster Posey isn't too sure about this new technology, specifically if these robot umps would call more balls or strikes.

Armed With Analytics: Manufacturing as a Martial Art


A few years ago, when I was in the early stages of learning the Russian martial art called Systema, my trainer pinned me to the floor. I felt immobilized and gradually gave up. The will to fight seeped out of me. He then told me that my focus had been on what I could not do. He suggested I should instead consider what I could do.

Toyota turns to AI startup to accelerate goal of robots for the home


TOKYO (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp has designs on making robot helpers for your home, and has enlisted a Japanese startup that specializes in artificial intelligence to jump-start its plan. Japan's biggest automaker and Tokyo-based Preferred Networks Inc will carry out joint research to develop so-called service robots that are "capable of learning in typical living environments", the companies said in statements on Wednesday. The two firms have already been collaborating on driverless vehicles since 2014. Eighty-year-old manufacturing giant Toyota is trying to transform itself and adapt to technology, such as ride-hailing and automated driving, that is disrupting the auto industry. Toyota sees robots as part of that effort, particularly in Japan, where it aims to have them in homes and hospitals to support one of the world's fastest ageing populations.

Why TIME's 2019 Tech Optimists Are Upbeat About Silicon Valley's Future

TIME - Tech

As data breaches, misuse of personal information and the spread of disinformation erode the public's trust in Silicon Valley, it can be all too easy to become cynical about technology's impact on the world. But there are still plenty of reasons to be optimistic about tech's role in society moving forward. Below, TIME speaks to 10 innovators, founders, investors and even athletes who remain upbeat about technology's influence despite the many challenges facing the industry today. Moustapha Cisse left Senegal a decade ago to study artificial intelligence, and now he believes the technology can change Africa for the better. Cisse, 34, is leading Google's AI research center in Accra, Ghana, the company's first such venture in Africa. "I built my team here around people who are really committed to make a difference in people's lives," Cisse tells TIME. "[They] bring a fresh perspective in the field by looking at the problems that we have in Africa." Growing up, no one would have expected Cisse to be heading up a multi-billion dollar corporation's research initiative.

Toyota partners with AI startup Preferred Networks on building helper robots for humans – TechCrunch


Toyota is enlisting the help of startup Preferred Networks, a Japanese company founded in 2014 with a focus on artificial intelligence and deep learning, to help move forward its goal of developing useful service robots that can assist people in everyday life. The two companies announced a partnership today to collaborate on research and development that will use Toyota's Human Support Robot (HSR) robotics platform. The platform, which Toyota originally created in 2012 and has been developing since, is a basic robot designed to be able to work alongside people in everyday settings. Its primary uses involve offering basic car and support assistance in nursing and long-term care applications. Equipped with one arm, a display, cameras and a wheeled base, it can collect and retrieve items, and provide remote control and communication capabilities.

We're 'Sleepwalking' On The Dangers Of Artificial Intelligence, Experts Warn


AI has the power to boost the economy, improve environmental sustainability and create a more equitable society -- but there are dangers associated with its rise, the panel of experts has told. The report was developed to give Australians a reference point to understand AI, and what living in a future dominated by the technology will really mean. AI refers to a collection of technologies which give machines the ability to perform tasks and solve problems that would otherwise require the human brain to carry out. While the U.S. and China are undoubtedly leaders in AI technology, Australia is punching well above its weight in terms of establishing systems for mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. Australia is also the five-time winner of the world robot soccer competition, the Robocup.

Premier League predictions 2019-20: Here's how the season will pan out (according to AI) - Verdict


From Leicester City winning the title in 2016 to Liverpool overturning a 4-0 defeat to Barcelona in last season's Champions League, football is impossible to predict. Yet, bringing together world leading companies in data, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), BT Sport has attempted to do just that. Combining historic performance data from sports industry leaders Opta and Squawka, BT Sport has fed the information into a machine learning model. This calculated the attacking and defensive strengths of each team, as well as the likelihood of events such as transfers and injuries, to calculate the probable scoreline of each match in the season. So where does the AI model's Premier League predictions 2019-20 place your team; where will they claim their biggest victory, and how will they perform against their biggest rivals?

Man Vs. Machine: Is Soccer Ready For Artificial Intelligence?


Esteban Granero, who plays for Spanish side Espanyol, is CEO of AI consultancy Olocip. A head coach sees his team take the lead in a crucial match with 20 minutes remaining. One assistant advises the coach to drive his players forward, to keep attacking in the hope of a decisive second goal. The other favors more cautious tactics, dropping players back to focus on defending the narrow lead. The coach might draw on his past experience to make his decision or he might just go with instinct -- his gut feeling in that moment of what will win the match.

Robots can play golf??


The ParOne Steamathalon took place at the Els Club in Dubai where kids from schools around the city competed in a golf match. But this match was competed between robots. It was a great initiative and a good excuse to show the kids my robot dancing . GUY IN DUBAI Guy in Dubai is an insight into how to experience the wild side of Dubai, UAE. Attempting every extreme adventure, challenge and living the amazing social life the Dubai has to offer.