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Machine Learning: Building Recommender Systems


The scikit-learnthe library has functions that enable us to build these pipelines by concatenating various modules together. We just need to specify the modules along with the corresponding parameters. It will then build a pipeline using these modules that processes the data and trains the system. The pipeline can include modules that perform various functions like feature selection, preprocessing, random forests, clustering, and so on. In this section, we will see how to build a pipeline to select the top K features from an input data point and then classify them using an Extremely Random Forest classifier.

Harness the Power of AI Automation to Optimize Storytelling


Many agencies are still in the early stages of collecting data, and learning how to use it to drive value through AI automation. Yet, a 2018 study found 49% percent of those surveyed agreed artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will change the way we work. And 31% believed they'd already seen the benefits. But organizations are also dealing with the fear that AI and automation could cause job loss across many sectors. Technology advances will undoubtedly alter current roles, as well as create new ones.

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Artificial intelligence is a big talking point these days and I use this video series to talk about it in the context of games. I run a series of videos that address this topic in different ways: Case Studies How artificial intelligence is applied in commercial video games. How AI research in games is used to enhance our understanding of the field. AI 101 Explaining core AI tech in the games industry, how it works and clever ways it is used in games. Design Dive How AI applications in games influence game design.

Minecraft at 10: a decade of building things and changing lives

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Hidden away somewhere in my attic is an old Xbox 360 that I'll never throw away. On its hard drive is a Minecraft save file that contains the first house my oldest son ever built in the game. He was seven and, coming from a boy on the autism spectrum with a limited vocabulary and no patience to draw and paint, his creation was a revelation. Sure, it is a monstrous carbuncle, a mess of wooden planks, cobblestone and dirt. But it is also the greatest building I ever saw.

r/artificial - Study: Play AI-Generated Video Games


The games are short and followed up by a quick study. I'd appreciate if you'd take part! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

Meghan McCain's Twitter clapback resurfaces on 'Jeopardy!'

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Meghan McCain's viral clapback against one Twitter user resurfaced Friday during an episode of "Jeopardy!" McCain shared a photo of a Jeopardy question on social media that referenced a tweet she sent in March in response to a remark made by a conservative commentator criticizing "The View." "Twitter eruputed when this co-host of'The View' responded to a critic with the tweet'you were at my wedding Denise,'" the question read. Denise McAllister, a contributor for The Federalist, a conservative website founded by McCain's husband, slammed the daytime talk show hosts in a March 25 tweet as "delusional mental midgets" that lack "emotional regulation." McCain fired back with "you were at my wedding Denise…" The six letter response set social media users into a frenzy, who used the clapback to inspire a series of memes. McAllister sent a response tweet to clarify that she was not directing her remark at McCain.

Latest 'Minecraft' update means new blocks, better villages, and pillagers with crossbows

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Video highlights from Village & Pillage, the latest update to popular video game'Minecraft.' Mojang/Microsoft "Minecraft" may be one of the best-selling games of all time – with more than 154 million copies purchased to date – but the developers haven't stopped building more into the game. Acquired by Microsoft in 2014, developer Mojang has just launched Village & Pillage, a free update that adds a plethora of new goodies to "Minecraft," for both the Java and Bedrock versions of game, which includes Windows PC ($26.95 and $26.99 for PC and Macintosh), mobile (iOS and Android, $6.99), Xbox One ($19.99) and Nintendo Switch ($29.99), and virtual reality platforms. Before we get into what's new and newsworthy in this new update, take in these additional facts about the world-renowned building simulation, released ten years ago this month: more people are playing "Minecraft" than ever before at about 91 million unique players every month (across all platforms); more than 160 million people have watched more than 5 billion hours of Minecraft video content on YouTube; and not only is "Minecraft" one of the best-selling games in history, but also one of the highest-rated, with the PC version netting a 93% average "metascore" at Metacritic.com. 'Minecraft Earth': New mobile game to offer AR experience like'Pokemon Go' As the name suggests, villages have changed quite a bit and are among the highlights in this latest'Minecraft' update. Visually, villages will look different based on biome, or region – plains, desert, savannah, taiga, and so forth – therefore you can expect to see changes based on climate and local resources.

Hear Joe Rogan's voice duplicated by an AI: Startup unveils system that can mimic celebrity voices

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A new startup has created an artificial intelligence system capable of mimicking voices that are unprecedentedly close to the real thing. In a video from Dessa, an AI company staffed by former employees of Google, IBM, and Microsoft, multiple audio clips demonstrate a machine-learning software that parrots the voice of popular podcaster, Joe Rogan to a degree that's almost indiscernible from the real thing. In the clips, the computer-generated Rogan muses on topics like chimpanzee's who can play hockey; it pulls off some adept tongue-twisters; and it even pontificates theories about how we're all living in a simulation, which as noted by The Verge, are some of Rogan's favorite topics. Joe Rogan is one of the most popular podcasters in the world, giving AI plenty of data to choose from when trying to mimic the host's voice In a response, even Rogan himself called the demonstration'terrifyingly accurate' reports CNET. What makes the demonstration more intriguing, or perhaps scary, according to Dessa is that software like the one demonstrated channeling Rogan could soon be commonplace.

Spotify unveils a voice-controlled smart device, dubbed 'Car Thing'

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Spotify has launched a new voice-controlled smart device, marking a debut in the hardware industry. Dubbed'Car Thing,' it plugs into a vehicle's cigarette lighter and allows users to turn on their favorite playlist hands-free while they're driving. The device is being rolled out among a small group of test users in the coming weeks, according to the Verge. Spotify has launched a new voice-controlled smart device, marking a debut in the hardware industry. It allows users to turn on their favorite playlist hands-free while they're driving Users plug it into their car's 12-volt outlet, or cigarette lighter.

Spotify is testing a voice-controlled device called "Car Thing"

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Spotify announced Friday that the music streaming service is test driving some hardware. The company is trying to learn more about what you do and listen to in your car by publicly testing out a voice-controlled music and podcast device dubbed "Car Thing." The device reportedly plugs into your vehicle's 12-volt outlet, which is also known as a cigarette lighter, for power and the automotive gadget connects to your car and phone via Bluetooth. Don't make plans to go out and buy the device anytime soon, though. Spotify says it's only testing the devices, making them available to a few premium users.