Asia Secures $72.5M Series D To Empower Businesses To Take On 'Big Tech'

#artificialintelligence, which is on a mission to "democratize" artificial intelligence for not just enterprises, but for "everyone," announced this morning a $72.5 million Series D. This round nearly doubles the amount the company had raised in previous financings combined over its lifetime. Goldman Sachs and the Ping An Global Voyager Fund out of China led the round, which also included participation from existing backers Wells Fargo, NVIDIA GPU Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners. As part of the financing, Jade Mandel, vice president of Goldman Sachs' principal strategic investments group, will be joining's board. The round brings's total raised since it was founded in 2012 to nearly $147 million. Wells Fargo and NVIDIA GPU Ventures led its $40 million Series C in November 2017.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stats News: AI Augmentation To Create $2.9 Trillion Of Business Value


The recent surveys, studies, forecasts and other quantitative assessments of the health and progress of AI estimated the impact on productivity of human-machine collaboration, the number of jobs that could be automated in major U.S. cities, and the size of the future AI in retail and healthcare markets; and found AI optimism among the general population, algorithms outperforming (again) pathologists, and that our very limited understanding of how our brains learn may improve machine learning. Do you think securing your devices and personal data will become more or less complicated over the next 12 months? DeepMind has developed a machine learning model that can label most animals at Tanzania's Serengeti National Park at least as well as humans while shortening the process by up to 9 months (it normally takes up to a year for volunteers to return labeled photos) [Engadget] In a simulation, biological learning algorithms outperformed state-of-the-art optimal learning curves in supervised learning of feedforward networks, indicating "the potency of neurobiological mechanisms" and opening "opportunities for developing a superior class of deep learning algorithms" [Scientific Reports] The AI in retail market is estimated to reach $4.3 billion by 2024 [P&S Intelligence] [e.g., Nike acquires Celect, August 6, 2019] The AI in healthcare market is estimated to reach $12.2 billion by 2023 [Market Research Future] [e.g., BlueDot has raised $7 million in Series A funding, August 7, 2019] AI companies funded in the last 3 months: 417 for total funding of $8.7 billion Data is eating the world quote of the week: "Although it is fashionable to say that we are producing more data than ever, the reality is that we always produced data, we just didn't know how to capture it in useful ways"--Subbarao Kambhampati, Arizona State University AI is eating the world quote of the week: "We advocate for a new perspective for designing benchmarks for measuring progress in AI. Unlike past decades where the community constructed a static benchmark dataset to work on for the next decade or two, we propose that future benchmarks should dynamically evolve together with the evolving state-of-the-art"--Keisuke Sakaguchi, Ronan Le Bras, Chandra Bhagavatula, Yejin Choi, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the University of Washington

10nm Ice Lake CPU Meets M.2: The 'Spring Hill' Nervana NNP-I Deep Dive


Intel revealed the broad outlines of its new Nervana Neural Network Processor for Inference, of NNP-I for short, that comes as a modified 10nm Ice Lake processor that will ride on a PCB that slots into an M.2 port (yes, an M.2 port that is normally used for storage), at an event in Haifa, Israel two months ago. Today, the company provided further deep-dive details of the design here at Hot Chips 31, the premier venue for leading semiconductor vendors to detail their latest microarchitectures. Intel is working on several different initiatives to increase its presence in the booming AI market with its'AI everywhere' strategy. The company's broad approach includes GPUs, FPGAs, and custom ASICs to all tackle different challenges in the AI space, with some solutions designed for compute-intensive training tasks that create complex neural networks for object recognition, speech translation, and voice synthesis workloads, to name a few, and separate solutions for running the resulting trained models as lightweight code in a process called inference. Intel's Spring Hill Nervana Neural Network Processor for inference (NNP-I) 1000, which we'll refer to as the NNP-I, tackles those lightweight inference workloads in the data center.

Japanese-language students from South Asian countries see plunge in visa approval rates

The Japan Times

NAGOYA – The approval rate for visa applications by nationals of countries such as Myanmar and Bangladesh to study at Japanese-language schools from April is sharply down from the same month last year, school operators in Japan said Wednesday. The plunge in the percentage of visas that were approved appears to reflect efforts to crack down on foreign nationals who enter the nation to work under the guise of being students. A survey by the Japanese Language School Association in Tokyo showed that student visas were granted to just 15 percent of applicants from Myanmar, down sharply from the 76 percent approval rate seen last year, and to 21 percent of Bangladeshi applicants, down from 61 percent. The success rate for Sri Lankan applicants was 21 percent, down from 50 percent. The survey drew responses from 327 of the 708 Japanese-language schools throughout the country and collected figures regarding applications for student resident status from April, when such applications peak with the start of the new academic year.

Should We Be Worried About AI – AI and Marketing


Many find themselves impressed by machines that respond like humans or computers that perform feats of strategy and cognition mimicking human ingenuity. But for others, it also planted a seed of unease. This fear stems from the expected fear of job loss. As automation technology has been known to result in higher productivity, modern industries became increasingly dependent upon it and less reliant on human workers. This is widely evident in the marketing landscape wherein the digital and social media platforms continue to expand, and brands need to work twice as hard to get their message across their target audience.

America Can Stop China From Dominating Artificial Intelligence... And Should


The People's Republic of China, nonetheless, is already an AI powerhouse, and for America to maintain its edge - and to prevent U.S. tech from being used for exceedingly disturbing purposes - Washington should force U.S. companies to end cooperative AI projects in China. The West should be seriously concerned: whoever wins at AI will both dominate the global economy and field the most destructive conventional military force. Unfortunately, American companies are helping China's leaders in what many call - correctly - crimes against humanity. For instance, AI researchers from Microsoft, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Michigan State University gave keynote speeches at the Chinese Conference on Biometric Recognition in Xinjiang in August of last year on facial recognition, a social-control technology. Some of Google's research is in China.

ChatBot Company in Dubai Artificial Intelligence Company in Dubai - SunSmart Global


Herbie - AI Powered Chatbot built on blend of technology platforms, helps our customers automating with Intelligence & Human touch, several of their conversations with their website visitors, employees, customers and suppliers. With Herbie's Omni presence on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, skype, skype for business, Bing, Slack, etc., coupled with high end security on the messages, increases business revenue, increase operational efficiencies and reduce expenditure and creates a new digital platform for customers. SunSmart solutions bring in the fastest turnaround time and ensures instant results for various business functions of the organization. Herbie Powered by Artificial Intelligence responds in the most human like manner to create a human like conversation experience for the end-user across all customer care channels including voice, text, web chat, social and mobile.

Intel unveils first artificial intelligence chip Springhill - Reuters


JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Intel Corp on Tuesday unveiled its latest processor that will be its first using artificial intelligence (AI) and is designed for large computing centers. The chip, developed at its development facility in Haifa, Israel, is known as Nervana NNP-I or Springhill and is based on a 10 nanometer Ice Lake processor that will allow it to cope with high workloads using minimal amounts of energy, Intel said. Facebook, it said, already has started using the product. Intel said its first AI product comes after it had invested in Israeli AI startups, including Habana Labs and NeuroBlade. "In order to reach a future situation of'AI everywhere', we have to deal with huge amounts of data generated and make sure organizations are equipped with what they need to make effective use of the data and process them where they are collected," said Naveen Rao, general manager of Intel's artificial intelligence products group.

Robots at conference in China can fly, swim and even do brain surgery

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Cutting-edge robots are on display at the 2019 World Robot Conference in Beijing, running from August 20 to 25, are expected to attract nearly 200 guests from 22 countries. The conference features a series of exhibition areas for new robotic technologies and products - including medical, multi-legged, and smart logistics - as well as four contests with an anticipated 4,500 professional participants. Over 700 robots specialising with more than 21 industrial applications will be exhibited between now and the close of the conference. Among those exhibiting will be HRG Robotics, whose, president Wang Meng, said: 'We will be showcasing a string of successful companies which have got off the ground through the help of HRG, alongside our representative products at WRC 2019, as we aim to form new partnerships with companies around the world.' Also on display will be SmartBird, created by German firm Festo, whose design was inspired by the herring gull and whose flight mimics that of the bird.

Machine learning for better metals


When humans learned to extract metals from their ores and mix them into alloys such as bronze, brass and steel, technology took great leaps forward. Now researchers are turning to artificial intelligence to find the next generation of alloys. Scientists are already finding new alloys with increased strength and other improved features. A research team based in China have now published such discoveries in the journal Acta Materialia. Explaining the origins of their work, researcher Yanjing Su of the Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Materials Genome Engineering cites as his inspiration the success of machine learning in mastering the strategy game Go.