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Machine Learning in Finance – Present and Future Applications Emerj


Machine learning has had fruitful applications in finance well before the advent of mobile banking apps, proficient chatbots, or search engines. Given the high volume, accurate historical records, and quantitative nature of the finance world, few industries are better suited for artificial intelligence. There are more uses cases of machine learning in finance than ever before, a trend perpetuated by more accessible computing power and more accessible machine learning tools (such as Google's Tensorflow). Today, machine learning has come to play an integral role in many phases of the financial ecosystem, from approving loans, credit scores, to managing assets, to assessing risks. Yet, few technically-savvy professionals have an accurate view of just how many ways machine learning finds its way into their daily financial lives.

The CompassIntel 2019 A-List in AI Chipset Index Executive Brief


The overall AI chipset market for 2019 is estimated at $10 billion USD. Nvidia leads the overall AI chipset segment with 38% market share by extending its GPU capabilities from focusing mostly on gaming to cloud datacenter infrastructure.