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Conceptual Graphs for a Data Base Interface


Abstract: A data base system that supports natural language queries is not really natural if it requires the user to know how the data are represented. This paper defines a formalism, called conceptual graphs, that can describe data according to the user’s view and access data according to the system’s view. In addition, the graphs can represent functional dependencies in the data base and support inferences and computations that are not explicit in the initial query.IBM Journal of Research and Development 20:4, pp. 336-357.

Parsing natural language via recursive transition net


Full text available for a fee. In R. Yeh (Ed.), Applied computation theory: Analysis, design, modeling. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 451-467.

Computer-Based Medical Consultations: MYCIN


This text is a description of a computer-based system designed to assist physicians with clinical decision-making. This system, termed MYCIN, utilizes computer techniques derived principally from the subfield of computer science known as artificial intelligence (AI). MYCIN's task is to assist with the decisions involved in the selection of appropriate therapy for patients with infections.

MYCIN contains considerable medical expertise and is also a novel application of computing technology. Thus, this text is addressed both to members of the medical community, who may have limited computer science backgrounds, and to computer scientists with limited knowledge of medical computing and clinical medicine. Some sections of the text may be of greater interest to one community than to the other. A guide to the text follows so that you may select those portions most pertinent to your particular interests and background.

The complete book in a single file.