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GitHub - python-engineer/ml-study-plan: The Ultimate FREE Machine Learning Study Plan


A complete study plan to become a Machine Learning Engineer with links to all FREE resources. If you finish the list you will be equipped with enough theoretical and practical experience to get started in the industry! I tried to limit the resources to a minimum, but some courses are extensive.

Introducing Triton: Open-Source GPU Programming for Neural Networks


We're releasing Triton 1.0, an open-source Python-like programming language which enables researchers with no CUDA experience to write highly efficient GPU code--most of the time on par with what an expert would be able to produce. Triton makes it possible to reach peak hardware performance with relatively little effort; for example, it can be used to write FP16 matrix multiplication kernels that match the performance of cuBLAS--something that many GPU programmers can't do--in under 25 lines of code. Our researchers have already used it to produce kernels that are up to 2x more efficient than equivalent Torch implementations, and we're excited to work with the community to make GPU programming more accessible to everyone. Novel research ideas in the field of Deep Learning are generally implemented using a combination of native framework operators. While convenient, this approach often requires the creation (and/or movement) of many temporary tensors, which can hurt the performance of neural networks at scale.

Find It Difficult To Express Your Feelings? AI Technology Might Help


Feelings allow people to experience an endless array of emotions. They are what gives them the ability to experience the joys and sorrows that life and all its ups and downs bring to them. Feelings also help humans to develop and navigate their way through relationships, make important life choices and identify responses to events. As AI technology turns out to be progressively predominant in the workplace and at home, so do worries that individuals are living in their own isolated computerized universes. However, new advances in AI technology are truth be told liberating clients from their work areas, permitting them to turn off and take their devices out into this present reality. In doing as such, clients are finding inventive and invigorating approaches to utilize artificial intelligence to express their personalities, style, and ideas.

Learn to Code by Solving Problems: A Python Programming Primer , Zingaro, Daniel, eBook -


"The book is an exceptionally well-written technical Python book for beginners that uses active learning techniques. If you're a beginner to intermediate-level coder, this book will significantly improve your Python skills. It's easy to read, and solving the problems is fun and satisfying." Dr. Daniel Zingaro is an award-winning Associate Professor of Computer Science in the teaching stream at University of Toronto Mississauga, and is internationally recognized for his expertise in Active Learning. He is also the author of Algorithmic Thinking (No Starch Press, 2021).

Extremists using video-game chats to spread hate

BBC News

Roblox said: "We work relentlessly to ensure our platform remains a safe and civil space, and with a combination of machine learning and a team of over 2,000 moderators, we monitor for safety 24-7 to detect and swiftly act on any inappropriate content or behaviour."

What GitHub's Copilot tool reveals about AI's future in software development


Software developers speak the language of computers. Conversant in commands and symbols, engineers rely on coding skills to craft applications. Tools that support developers are evolving, making the next generation of engineers more akin to train conductors who rely on algorithms to turn natural language cues into applications. With AI feedback, tools promise software applications that come together fast and easy. That's the gist of Copilot, a tool built by GitHub and OpenAI.

Amazon SageMaker tutorial and model


This code pattern describes a way to gain insights by using Watson OpenScale and a SageMaker machine learning model. It explains how to create a logistic regression model using Amazon SageMaker with data from the UC Irvine machine learning database. The pattern uses Watson OpenScale to bind the machine learning model deployed in the AWS cloud, create a subscription, and perform payload and feedback logging. With Watson OpenScale, you can monitor model quality and log payloads, regardless of where the model is hosted. This code pattern uses the example of an Amazon Web Service (AWS) SageMaker model, which demonstrates the independent and open nature of Watson OpenScale.

Thinking, fast and slow: AI edition


Francesca draws inspiration from Daniel Kahneman's division of human cognition into two different systems, which he names "System 1" and "System 2". System 1 is a fast kind of cognition that's generally emotional and based on instinct. It relies on simplified models of the world to deliver rapid responses to stimuli. Flinches, identifying objects at a distance, and reading and understanding a simple message from a friend are all routed to System 1. System 2 however is more deliberative: in Kahnema's model, it's responsible for complex reasoning. A class of problem might first be addressed by System 2 before migrating to System 1 once it becomes ingrained through repetition.

Face Recognition in Under 25 Lines of Python Code


In this article, we will look at an amazingly simple way to get started with face recognition using Python and the OpenCV Open Library. OpenCV is the most popular computerized library. Originally written in C / C, it now provides Python binding. OpenCV uses machine learning algorithms to search faces within an image. Because the face is so hard, there is not a single simple test that will tell you whether it got a face or not.

How AI in Healthcare Is Changing the Industry


AI in healthcare is something that is revolutionizing the industry and medical treatment that we as the patients receive. But AI, in general, is making inroads into virtually every field and aspect of society. Healthcare AI companies like NVIDIA healthcare and Google DeepMind Health are breaking new ground, with innovations that are helping to save lives. Let's dive into the world of AI so that you can have a better understanding of what it is all about and where it is going. AI stands for artificial intelligence.