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Walmart is battling Amazon for the best deals this Prime Day


Here are the best sales to shop during Walmart's Deals for Days event as of June 20: Oh, you thought Walmart was just going to sit there and twiddle its thumbs while one of its biggest rivals ran a massive two-day sale with over two million deals? As Amazon revs up for its sixth annual Prime Day event on June 21 and 22, the big box store kicked off its own "Deals for Days" shopping extravaganza on Sunday, June 20, with "Black Friday-like savings" up for grabs online and in stores now through Wednesday, June 23. The best part is that Walmart isn't hiding Deals for Days behind any sort of subscription -- unlike Amazon, which has pages of markdowns that are exclusive to its Prime members -- nor will it make you pay for two-day shipping on any order over $35. Certain ZIP codes even qualify for free next-day delivery on $35-plus orders of eligible items. But enough chit-chat -- let's get this shopping party started.

Book Discussion - Cognitive Design for Artificial Minds


Cognitive Design for Artificial Minds (Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2021) explains the crucial role that human cognition research plays in the design and realization of artificial intelligence systems, illustrating the steps necessary for the design of artificial models of cognition. It bridges the gap between the theoretical, experimental, and technological issues addressed in the context of AI of cognitive inspiration and computational cognitive science. The event is moderated by Antonio Chella (Prof. of Robotics at the University of Palermo) The event is free (but the registration is mandatory) and will be held on Gather Town (you will receive the link once registered). The book "Cognitive Design for Artificial Minds" (with related editorial reviews) can be found at: Antonio Lieto is a researcher in Artificial Intelligence at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Turin, Italy, and a research associate at the ICAR-CNR in Palermo, Italy. He is the current Vice-President of the Italian Association of Cognitive Science (2017–2022) and an ACM Distinguished Speaker on the topics of cognitively inspired AI and artificial models of cognition.

Artificial Intelligence Initiative: Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan


When Imran Khan became prime minister of Pakistan in August 2018, the country's economy faced twin deficits – foreign exchange reserves were …

Why it's so hard to think straight about AI -- Part 2


In Part 1 we explored themes related to the onset of an AI singularity and some of the arbitrary and irrational ways in which we tend to think about AI. In Part 2 we will try to understand human intelligence better, in the hope of revealing some of the ways in which our brains are similar to computers but also profoundly different from them. This should prepare us to start accepting the fact of AIs being, at some point in the future, seen as minds in their own right. This is stated by many as if it were some kind of axiom, too self-evident to even think carefully about. And the intuition behind it is so deep-rooted that we need to go back to the very origins of human intelligence to see why it is wrong.

You go to war with the data you have: next-generation AI for national security


Artificial intelligence is the most powerful technology in generations with the potential to impact U.S. security, welfare and global leadership. U.S. national security agencies must develop and integrate AI-enabled capabilities to compete and defend in the AI era. However, standard methods and AI technologies fall short for the high-consequence and specialized missions of national security. The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and National Laboratories are developing the Next-Generation of AI -- innovative methods and technologies designed for national security challenges and operational concepts. National security agencies should leverage NNSA's Next-Generation AI research and development to accelerate AI innovation and enable an AI-ready force.

Let's Meet MISSI! She's Mississippi's First Artificial Chatbot.


Before introducing MISSI (Government of Mississippi State Chatbot), let me give you a brief background on AI Chatbots so that you can understand the importance of her better. Chatbots are not toys as they sound. Instead, they are used by business and government organizations for important client and citizen services. In another Gartner report, by 2022, $3.9 trillion projected AI-derived business value growth could occur. In addition, a Juniper Research report expects $8 billion projected business cost savings from chatbots by 2022.

In Search of Data Science Talent with Dr. Kirk Borne


We have gobs of data, nearly limitless cloud compute, and ever-improving machine learning algorithms, so what on earth is holding companies back from succeeding with big data? "Talent, talent, talent," says Dr. Kirk Borne. "The limiting factor is talent." To be sure, Borne has done more than most when it comes to fostering data science talent. Fourteen years ago, before his recent stint at Booz Allen Hamilton or his new gig at DataPrime, Borne helped create the nation's first data science degree program at George Mason University.

Walmart 'Deals for Days' 2021: The 18 Best Deals We've Found


Amazon's first Prime Day in 2015 was greeted with plenty of skepticism from other retailers. Outlandish success has a way of changing tunes though, and for Prime Day 2021 nearly every major store has a rival sale going on alongside Amazon. Walmart is one of those stores. Its "Deals for Days" sale lasts from June 20 - 23. To help you save on the stuff you need, we've gathered up the best deals on offer at Walmart.