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PAC-MAN Recreated With AI


The team used a farm of four computers, each featuring a Quadro GV100 workstation-grade GPU, and imported 50,000 hours of Pac-Man gameplay. After studying the game, the AI model developed its own identical-looking game. "Our AI didn't see any of [the game's] code, just pixels coming out of the game engine," Nvidia's Hector Marinez told Ars Technica. "By watching this, it learned the rules." The AI learned all about Pac-Man's speed, movement abilities, and wall mechanics, and other aspects.

Artificial Intelligence : Best Human Practices and Uses SaveDelete


Artificial Intelligence …. world's tech giants from Amazon to Alibaba, are in a race to become the world's leaders. The companies are AI trailblazers, embracing AI to next-level products and services. Here are some of the best examples of how these companies are using artificial intelligence in practice. Alphabet, Google's parent company and Waymo, self-driving technology division, started as a project at Google. Waymo wishes to bring self-driving technology to the world, today, to move people around and reduce accidents and crashes.

Hull City confirm two coronavirus cases

BBC News

Championship side Hull City have confirmed two people at the club have tested positive for coronavirus. The English Football League earlier said there were two positive cases out of more than 1,000 players and staff tested at the 24 second-tier clubs. In a statement, Hull said the pair were asymptomatic and feeling no ill effects, but would self-isolate for seven days in line with EFL guidelines. They will both be tested again at a later date. The Tigers did not confirm whether the positive tests were from players or staff.

Incredible Drone Views of Los Angeles in Lockdown

Associated Press

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How to use AI to play Sonic the Hedgehog. It's NEAT!


Generation after generation, humans have adapted to become more fit with our surroundings. We started off as primates living in a world of eat or be eaten. Eventually we evolved into who we are today, reflecting modern society. Through the process of evolution we become smarter. We are able to work better with our environment and accomplish what we need to.

Videogame Movies Are Finally Getting Halfway Decent


Movies based on videogames have a notoriously bad track record, but fantasy author Erin Lindsey says that the recent Tomb Raider reboot, while hardly original, was surprisingly well done. "They do the work of showing why Lara is capable of what she's capable of, and being believable in what she's not capable of," Lindsey says in Episode 415 of the Geek's Guide to the Galaxy podcast. "It was done on a very human scale, and it was credibly acted, and they put in the work with the characters." Other recent videogame movies such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Detective Pikachu, and Rampage have connected with audiences and even earned respectable, though hardly stellar, reviews. Videogame journalist Blake J. Harris hopes that these successes will change the way people look at videogame movies.

US Video Game Industry Sees Record April Sales: Survey

International Business Times

Spending on video games in the US jumped to a new April record as locked-down consumers sought refuge in play, industry figures released Friday showed. A total of $1.5 billion was spent on video game hardware, software, accessories and game cards, eclipsing a previous April high of $1.2 billion spent in the US in 2008, according to NPD analyst Mat Piscatella. April was the first full month of tight restrictions on people's movements in the US to prevent the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus. Sales of video game software alone climbed 55 percent to $662 million, a new record high for the month, according to NPD. "Final Fantasy VII: Remake" was the top-selling game during the month, setting a new sales record for the blockbuster vide game franchise, Piscatella's analysis showed. "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" continued to be a hot seller, being the second most purchased title during April, followed by "Animal Crossing: New Horizons."

For Pac-Man's 40th birthday, Nvidia uses AI to make new levels


Pac-Man turns 40 today, and even though the days of quarter-munching arcade machines in hazy bars are long behind us, the legendary game's still helping to push the industry forward. On Friday, Nvidia announced that its researchers have trained an AI to create working Pac-Man games without teaching it about the game's rules or giving it access to an underlying game engine. Nvidia's "GameGAN" simply watched 50,000 Pac-Man games to learn the ropes. That's an impressive feat in its own right, but Nvidia hopes the "generative adversarial network" (GAN) technology underpinning the project can be used in the future to help developers create games faster and train autonomous robots. "This is the first research to emulate a game engine using GAN-based neural networks," Nvidia researcher Seung-Wook Kim said in a press release.

Gaming company NVIDIA shows off AI that recreated Pacman in just four days after watching gameplay

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Gaming company Nvidia says that it's developed an artificial intelligence that can recreate playable games just by watching them. The AI is able to absorb visual inputs as well as whatever actions a player inputs into the game. It's then able to reproduce code that translates into a playable game. In a demonstration, Nvidia showed how its AI was able to re-construct a playable version of the game Pacman after just four days of watching gamers play it. The AI managed to recreate Pacman (pictured) by watching gameplay and looking at user inputs.

NVIDIA's AI built Pac-Man from scratch in four days


When Pac-Man hit arcades on May 22nd 1980, it held the record for time spent in development having taken a whopping 17 months to design, code and complete. Now, 40 years later to the day, NVIDIA needed just four days to train its new GameGAN AI to wholly recreate it based only on watching another AI play through. Dubbed GameGAN, it's a generative adversarial network (hence, GAN) similar to those used to generate (and detect) photo-realistic images of people that do not exist. The generator is trained on a large sample dataset and then instructed to generate an image based on what it saw. The discriminator then compares the generated image to the sample dataset to determine how close the two resemble one another.