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Journalist's gobsmacked reactions during Trump interview instantly becomes meme


Fresh from a chat with Fox News host Chris Wallace that didn't exactly paint him in a great light, the president decided to sit down opposite Axios journalist Jonathan Swan on Monday -- and, lo and behold, things were even worse this time around. Not only did Trump double down on his well-wishes for accused child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, he also attempted to explain away the horrendous U.S. coronavirus death toll with some more charts that not even he appeared to fully understand. Sitting opposite him, meanwhile, was Axios journalist Jonathan Swan, whose reactions are nothing short of gobsmacked throughout the interview. If a picture says a thousand words, Swan's facial expressions during the interview pretty much told a full-length novel. SEE ALSO: The cognitive test that Trump keeps bragging about acing isn't meant to be hard And people were quick to pick up on it.

Google Assistant recommends your YouTube Music on Nest speakers


Over the last couple of years, Google has gradually improved YouTube Music with features like playback screen lyrics and an Explore tab. Now, it has unveiled integration with some of its other products, including Android TV, Google Maps and and Google Assistant. The first feature is recommendations via Google Assistant. To use it, you simply say: "Hey Google, play recommended music from YouTube Music," and you'll get personalized music suggestions, including favorite artists and genres, based on your listening history. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on newer Nest speakers and not Google Home devices.

Working With Intelligence: How AI Will Reshape Remote Work


Machine learning is already actively increasing employment opportunities for job applicants across the world, while AI could soon eliminate repetitive …

Recommender Systems and Deep Learning in Python


Recommender Systems and Deep Learning in Python 4.6 (1,635 ratings) Course Ratings are calculated from individual students' ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately. What do I mean by "recommender systems", and why are they useful? Let's look at the top 3 websites on the Internet, according to Alexa: Google, YouTube, and Facebook. Recommender systems form the very foundation of these technologies. They are why Google is the most successful technology company today.

Google Earth Engine for Machine Learning & Change Detection


Google Earth Engine for Machine Learning & Change Detection Students will gain access to and a thorough knowledge of the Google Earth Engine platform. Get introduced and advance JavaScript skills on Google Earth Engine platform. This course is designed to take users who use GIS for basic geospatial data/GIS/Remote Sensing analysis to perform more advanced geospatial analysis tasks using a variety of different data and applying Machine Learning state of the art algorithms. In addition to improving your skills in JavaScript, this course will make you proficient in Google Earth Engine for land use and land cover (LULC) mapping and change detection. As a result, you will be introduced to the exciting capabilities of Google Earth Engine which is a global leader for cloud computing in Geosciences!

AI will dominate what happens with the big challenges facing humanity


News, views and top stories in your inbox. Don't miss our must-read newsletter It's been dubbed the'Fourth Industrial Revolution', but it seems that the impact of artificial intelligence may need a bigger conversation than many of us realise. Speaking at a briefing in London ahead of the British Science Festival, Professor Jim Al-Khalili, the incoming president of the British Science Association, warned that AI will affect issues such as climate change, and even terrorism . He said: "Until maybe a couple of years ago had I been asked what is the most pressing and important conversation we should be having about our future, I might have said climate change or one of the other big challenges facing humanity, such as terrorism, antimicrobial resistance, the threat of pandemics or world poverty. "But today I am certain the most important conversation we should be having is about the future of AI.

Scientists use AI to predict what makes a successful relationship


Couples counselors have been around for decades. But with around 40% of US marriages now ending in divorce, they could probably do with some more modern techniques. A new AI study led by Western University could provide them with some pointers. The researchers say it's the first systematic attempt at using machine learning to predict relationship satisfaction. "Satisfaction with romantic relationships has important implications for health, wellbeing, and work productivity," said Western Psychology professor Samantha Joel in a statement.

Machine learning finds a surprising early galaxy


New results achieved by combining big data captured by the Subaru Telescope and the power of machine learning have discovered a galaxy with an extremely low 1.6% oxygen abundance, breaking the previous record of the lowest abundance. The measured oxygen abundance suggests that most of the stars in this galaxy formed very recently. To understand galaxy evolution, astronomers need to study galaxies in various stages of formation and evolution. Most of the galaxies in the modern universe are mature galaxies, but standard cosmology predicts that there may still be a few galaxies in the early formation stage in the modern universe. Because these early-stage galaxies are rare, an international research team searched for them in wide-field imaging data taken with the Subaru Telescope.

It's Personal: AI Leader Partners With IBM, Builds New Buy Zone


As IBM (IBM) and Red Hat team up with Adobe (ADBE) on artificial intelligence and personalization technology, Adobe stock is trying to customize a new base and buy point. The IBD Long-Term Leader is also setting its sights on a fresh all-time high. In July, Adobe, IBM and Red Hat announced a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating the digital transformation and strengthening of real-time data security for enterprises, with a focus on regulated industries such as banking and health care. Building on IBM's acquisition of Red Hat in 2018, the goal of the partnership is to "enable companies to deliver more personalized experiences across the customer journey, driving improved engagement, profitability and loyalty." Having already made its own successful shift to a software-as-a-service model, Adobe has become a major player in cloud-based creative, personalization and analytics products.