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More and more is happening…. More connectivity occurs now in a calendar year than occurred in a million years a billion years ago. So somehow as we approach the present, we find ourselves in an ever denser realm of activity, interrelationship, connectivity, and the result of this is more of the same: producing a shrinking globe, ever more immersive technologies, dissolution of political, social, gender, class boundaries, of all sorts…. We're about to become unrecognizable to ourselves as a species. And then there's that new Netflix docudrama, The Social Dilemma, that, in the words of one review, "examines the various ways social media and social networking companies have manipulated human psychology to rewire the human brain and what it means for society in general."

Overwatch, Call of Duty League teams can defer multimillion-dollar franchise fees due to covid-19

Washington Post - Technology News

Front offices around CDL and OWL agree that the goal is to return to live, in-person events whenever it's safe to do so. Activision Blizzard created both leagues to pioneer a city-based model, built like traditional sports leagues, and that's always been a selling point for franchise spots. Team presidents and owners see the attention to a local market as a surefire way to created a dedicated fan base with regional sponsors and packed stadiums.

PlayStation at 25: it put video games at the centre of life

The Guardian

There was a sense of fundamental cultural change in the air – or that's how I remember it. Nineteen ninety-five was the year I started out in video game journalism, as a writer for Edge magazine, the most forward-looking gaming publication in the world at the time. My introduction to the industry was booting up a brand new PlayStation and scorching through the UK launch titles. The machine had been available for several months in Japan, and Edge staff had played all the key games in their original NTSC format. They wanted me to catch up.

Among Us is the ultimate party game of the Covid era

The Guardian

There are 10 crew members trapped on a spacecraft, carrying out menial tasks to maintain vital systems, but at least one of them is an imposter who wants to sabotage their work and if possible, murder them. What sounds like the premise of a particularly bleak science-fiction movie is in fact the set-up of one of the most popular video games of the year. Developed by a three-person team at InnerSloth and launched to virtual obscurity in 2018, Among Us has suddenly become one of the biggest games on PC and mobile, attracting more than 85m players in the last six months. It's so successful, InnerSloth recently abandoned plans to work on a sequel, instead piling their resources into the original. No one, it seems, is more surprised about the success of this game than its creators.

Plastic-eating enzyme 'cocktail' recycles plastic waste 'endlessly'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Scientists have been inspired by Pacman to create a plastic-eating'cocktail', which could help eradicate plastic waste. It's made up of two enzymes – called PETase and MHETase – produced by a type of bacteria that feeds on plastic bottles, called Ideonella sakaiensis. Unlike natural degradation, which can take hundreds of years, the super-enzyme is able to convert the plastic back to its original'building blocks' in a few days. The two enzymes work together like'two Pac-men joined by a piece of string' munching down snack pellets in the popular video game. The new super-enzyme digests plastic up to six times faster than the original PETase enzyme alone, which was discovered by the team in 2018.

VRARNews: arvrjourney - Elemental Rifters AR -- A Multi-Device Networked Multiplayer Shooter Game Post-Mortem


A Multi-Device Networked Multiplayer Shooter Game Post-MortemHoloLens Live Image We were tasked to make a multi-device networked multiplayer game for the mini-capstone in Game Development Advanced Programming Post Graduate Course at Sheridan College. There were four groups of two and one group of three students. Each group was assigned with three unique devices. My group members were:- 1. Abhishek Tippireddy 2. Dakshvir Singh Rehill (me) 3. PC with PS4 DualShock controller The mini-capstone game had to have the following components:- 1. 3 to 4 Unique Non -- Player Characters or any Artificial Intelligence components. Initial Plans Elemental Rifters, like all games, started with a huge scope.

'NBA 2K21' review: Why should I buy this game (again)?

Washington Post - Technology News

When Kobe Bryant was announced as the third NBA 2K cover athlete earlier this year following his tragic death, NBA fans around the world were elated about the possibilities. I was excited because I figured that a list of challenges would be included, similar to what Michael Jordan received when he graced the cover of "NBA 2K11." Instead, the Mamba Edition gives users a few meaningless in-game tokens like 100,000 virtual coins, 10,000 MyTeam points, MyTeam packs and access to a few Bryant jerseys and shoes for your MyPlayer to sport. As noted earlier, the Mamba Edition does grant an upgrade to the next console generation, so you don't have to buy another copy for PS5 or Series X … but you do have to shell out $40 more dollars when some game franchises are allowing free next-gen upgrades.

The Journey of AI & Machine Learning


Imtiaz Adam, Twitter @Deeplearn007 Updated a few sections in Sep 2020 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly affecting the world around us. It is increasingly making an impact in retail, financial services, along with other sectors of the economy.

Video streaming device leader Roku debuts new soundbar, player and Roku Channel app

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

The newest Roku products include a streaming device promising improved video delivery throughout the home, a smaller soundbar that also streams, and an updated mobile app for viewing on the go. The nation's leading streaming platform, Roku said it had about 43 million monthly active accounts at the end of June 2020. Research firm eMarketer estimates Roku captures about 33% of U.S. internet users and 47% of connected TV users. Roku's lineup of devices includes the Roku Express ($29.99) and Roku Streaming Stick ($49.99). But its marquee standalone player – it also markets Roku TVs with built-in streaming capability – is the Roku Ultra ($99.99).

Hot For The Holidays? Amazon Home Drone, Kid Echo And A Sexy Alexa


With all of the spectacle of an Apple event and droid-like gadgetry of the Disney Star War series The Mandalorian, the Amazon Devices & Services Showcase on September 24 dazzled with more than a dozen new products to help consumers adapt to pandemic life and better integrate work, school and entertainment into their smart homes. Here are highlights from the show along with my interview of Alexa's Head Scientist Rohit Prasad. Ring Always Home Cam is sure to become a family favorite as it zips around the house playing with your dog, spying on the nanny, searching for your phone, checking the oven, and spooking intruders. Echo Dot Kids Edition, which comes in animal-themed tiger and panda prints, switches to Alexa kid mode with a child-friendly tone when answering a youngster's questions, helping with homework, reading bedtime stories, calling friends, and playing games. One year subscription to Amazon Kids with Audible books included.