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The differences between Artificial and Biological Neural Networks


Although artificial neurons and perceptrons were inspired by the biological processes scientists were able to observe in the brain back in the 50s, they do differ from their biological counterparts in several ways. Birds have inspired flight and horses have inspired locomotives and cars, yet none of today's transportation vehicles resemble metal skeletons of living-breathing-self replicating animals. Still, our limited machines are even more powerful in their own domains (thus, more useful to us humans), than their animal "ancestors" could ever be. It is easy to draw the wrong conclusions from the possibilities in AI research by anthropomorphizing Deep Neural Networks, but artificial and biological neurons do differ in more ways than just the materials of their containers. The idea behind perceptrons (the predecessors to artificial neurons) is that it is possible to mimic certain parts of neurons, such as dendrites, cell bodies and axons using simplified mathematical models of what limited knowledge we have on their inner workings: signals can be received from dendrites, and sent down the axon once enough signals were received.

Warner Bros. To Start Using AI Analysis Tool To Assist In Greenlighting Movies


Hollywood has been embracing digital technology and computational algorithms in order to movies for a while now, using CGI to de-age actors and enhance shots in other ways. Just recently, one Hollywood company announced its intention to use AI to analyze movie data and assist in making a decision regarding greenlighting projects. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the AI firm will be providing Warner Bros. a program intended to simplify aspects of distribution and give projections regarding pricing and possible profit. The system developed for Warner Bros. will utilize big data to guide decision-making during the greenlight phase of a project. The system can reportedly return analyses regarding star power for a given region and even predict how much money a film is likely to make in theaters and through other distribution methods.

Top 50 Free Udemy Courses


Description: Understand the Theory of how Chatbots work and implement them in Python and PyTorch! Description: This course is for all those people who wants to get a brief idea on Tensorflow.JS in 2020

Strum these: A $500K diamond-studded Fender Strat and an axe filled with water

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Current chart sensations Lizzo and Billie Ellish don't stand on stage with guitars around their neck like Eric Clapton, Slash from Guns N' Roses or Bruce Springsteen did (and still do.) So what are guitar makers to do to keep their factories humming? Turn to streaming, classic rock and YouTube to reach tomorrow's guitar player. The NAMM show, a collection of music store operators, music professionals and tens of thousands of fans is concluding this weekend here, where guitars of every color and imaginable shape were on display. The goal for many guitar makers: to either get older folks to spring out more money to add even more guitars to the collection, or better yet, get tomorrow's generation excited to start playing with new shapes.

Deep Learning in Brain-Computer Interface


A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a system that extracts and translates the brain activity patterns of a subject (humans or animals) into messages or commands for an interactive application. The brain activity patterns are signals obtained with Electroencephalography (EEG). The concept of controlling devices solely with our minds is nothing new. Science fiction and Hollywood movies have been known to depict this. Several studies and experiments have been conducted, such as monkeys controlling robotic arms to feed itself, controlling a wheelchair and controlling cursors to type about eight words per minute.

Icelandic singer Björk uses AI to create music that changes with the sky


Icelandic artist Björk is using artificial intelligence (AI), created with Microsoft's help, to play a non-stop composition in the lobby of a New York hotel. The AI plays selections from Björk's choral music based on what it sees in the sky through a rooftop camera.

Warner Bros to start using artificial intelligence to help with movie releases


Warner Bros has signed a deal with an artificial intelligence company to help it with movie releases. The studio has confirmed it will be using a'revolutionary new AI-driven project management system', launched last year by Cynelytic, a Los Angeles-based AI and cloud tech company. The platform provides forecasting and financial modelling information, predicting box office revenues of potential movie projects. It also has the potential to assist in working out the value of certain stars, and also in scheduling when a movie should be released. According to Business Wire, 'the platform reduces executives' time spent on low-value, repetitive tasks and instead focuses on generating actionable insights for packaging, green-lighting, marketing and distribution decisions in real time'.

The 8 Video Games We Can't Wait to Play in 2020

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This year marks the start of a new decade, and the end of a generation of video games. Sony and Microsoft are set to launch new systems during the holidays, marking the beginning of a new phase in gaming. But that's good news: Traditionally, the games launched at the end of a generation are among that generation's best. Here are the video games we're most looking forward to playing in 2020: Computers, synt-wave, betrayal, and Keanu Reeves -- Cyberpunk 2077 is the most hyped game of the year. Fresh from the success of The Witcher 3, developer CD Projekt Red has gone from medieval fantasy to the dark and gritty world Night City in the year 2077.

Did HAL Commit Murder?


Last month at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art I saw "2001: A Space Odyssey" on the big screen for my 47th time. The fact that this masterpiece remains on nearly every relevant list of "top ten films" and is shown and discussed over a half-century after its 1968 release is a testament to the cultural achievement of its director Stanley Kubrick, writer Arthur C. Clarke, and their team of expert filmmakers. As with each viewing, I discovered or appreciated new details. But three iconic scenes -- HAL's silent murder of astronaut Frank Poole in the vacuum of outer space, HAL's silent medical murder of the three hibernating crewmen, and the poignant sorrowful "death" of HAL -- prompted deeper reflection, this time about the ethical conundrums of murder by a machine and of a machine. In the past few years experimental autonomous cars have led to the death of pedestrians and passengers alike. AI-powered bots, meanwhile, are infecting networks and influencing national elections. Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Sam Harris, and many other leading AI researchers have sounded the alarm: Unchecked, they say, AI may progress beyond our control and pose significant dangers to society. When astronauts Frank and Dave retreat to a pod to discuss HAL's apparent malfunctions and whether they should disconnect him, Dave imagines HAL's views and says: "Well I don't know what he'd think about it."

Björk creates an AI composition that creates music that creates music to the weather

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This week Microsoft announced a new collaboration with Björk to create a series of musical compositions with a custom built artificial intelligence tool. The AI will create dynamic new variations of Björk's original arrangements based on the changing weather patterns and position of the sun . Called'Kórsafn,' which means'choir archive' in Icelandic, the composition will be played continuously in the lobby of Sister City, a hotel in New York's lower east side that opened in the spring of 2019. Björk has created a new AI-driven musical work, called'Kórsafn,' which will play in the lobby of New York's Sister City hotel in the lower east side Described as a'generative soundscape,' the composition combines sounds and motifs from Björk's personal of choir archives, which she has compiled over the last 17 years as a solo artist. 'Kórsafn' isn't just a series of old sound files, however, Björk revisited her old set of recordings and notes and samples to create a series of new set of arrangements just for the project.