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AVIO Consulting Appoints New VP Of Sales And Marketing


Prior to AVIO Consulting, Slack was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Clevyr, who builds software solutions. Before that, he was the Director of Business Development for Hoegg Software. Slack's passion for tech also inspired him to co-create StarSpace46, a coworking space in Oklahoma City serving tech startups. AVIO has recently been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies by the Inc. 5000 List, Consulting Magazine, and the SMU Cox Dallas 100, among others. Slack's hire was a result of AVIO's desire to keep building momentum for the firm's healthy growth with a clear and strategic vision.

How does Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health's CIO boost innovation? By making it personal: With more than 40 years of experience in the healthcare IT space, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System CIO Avery Cloud has seen the value technology brings to healthcare.


With more than 40 years of experience in the healthcare IT space, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System CIO Avery Cloud has seen the value technology brings to healthcare. Some of Mr. Cloud's most memorable moments as CIO at the Baton Rouge, La.-based health system revolve around technology's effect on physicians and patients, ranging from instances when it helped prevent a clinical error to reducing patient anxiety. Prior to joining Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System, Mr. Cloud served as vice president of innovation and technology at CHI St. Luke's Health in Houston as well as CIO at Wilmington, N.C.-based New Hanover Regional Medical Center and Integris Health in Oklahoma City. Here, Mr. Cloud shares his strategy to build and encourage innovation among staff members. Editor's note: Responses have been lightly edited for clarity and length.

The Shot That Stopped Basketball

The New Yorker

The nature of basketball is such that its most cathartic moment--when the ball goes decisively and irretrievably through the hoop--is the same every time. The ball piercing the basket is both a discrete event and a continuous waterfall of motion that, for active players, is constant throughout their careers. They shoot in practice, they shoot in the game, they shoot and shoot and shoot. The motion becomes so ingrained in their muscle memory that the gesture requires only its activation; everything else--the elevation, the aiming at the basket, the cocking of the elbow and the follow-through of the hand--is programmed. I found myself thinking about the waterfall of shots in the wake of one of the more dramatic ones in recent N.B.A. history: Damian Lillard, of the Portland Trail Blazers, hitting the game-winning, series-ending shot against the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game Five.

Self-driving grocery delivery gains ground ... in Oklahoma?


The race to commercialize autonomous last-mile delivery is heating up. First grocery giant Kroger's announced it will test driverless delivery using vehicles from Nuro, a self-driving startup founded by two ex-Google engineers. Then, just a couple weeks ago, unsung outlier AutoX, which is run by a man actually called Professor X, leapfrogged the pack by announcing it will soon start real-world L4 autonomous delivery in San Jose. Now Udelv, which boasts the first-ever successful autonomous delivery on public roads, a milestone it passed in January that was covered mostly in the trades, has inked a deal to supply Oklahoma's largest chain of local grocery stores. The deal initially includes 10 customized autonomous delivery vans (ADVs) to fulfill online orders from Oklahoma City metro area stores like Uptown Grocery, Buy For Less, and Smart Saver.

Oklahoma City stores will deliver groceries with autonomous vehicles


Next year, Oklahoma City residents will be able to have their groceries delivered to them by an autonomous vehicle. Udelv announced this week that a new partnership will bring its self-driving delivery vehicles to the city's largest local chain of grocery stores, which includes supermarkets such as Uptown Grocery, Buy For Less, Buy For Less Super Mercado and Smart Saver. Ten vehicles are scheduled to be delivered to the stores by the end of June 2019. Udelv made its first delivery with the vehicles in California this January, and since then, it has completed more than 700 deliveries in partnership with a handful of merchants in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company and its Oklahoma City parter Esperanza Real Estate Investments will work with city authorities ahead of the vehicles' deployment and Oklahoma's Secretary of Transportation, Mike Patterson, said in a statement that the state has a regulatory group in place focusing on the use of autonomous delivery vehicle technology.

Can Artificial Intelligence Hold Police Accountable? The Crime Report


Brandon Anderson sees artificial intelligence as the key to holding police accountable for racial bias, and he believes he has created a tool to do it. "Police departments crunch huge amounts of data today, but we still don't know how often law enforcement officers have hurt, killed, or for that matter saved and comforted people in the line of duty," Anderson told CNBC. Now the Oklahoma City native is seeking to change that with the creation of Raheem.AI, a data tool and chatbot app that allows community members to report police conduct in real time in a secure and anonymous way. On Tuesday, Anderson, 33, was chosen as a 2018 fellow by Echoing Green, which funds innovation in areas ranging from racial justice to environmental conservation, for his work on Raheem. Engineers and designers from Google, Square, Twitter, and Facebook who are working on Raheem.AI as volunteers.

Oklahoma lawmaker wants to protect people who destroy drones flying on their property

FOX News

Trespassing drones are becoming such a problem, says one Oklahoma lawmaker, that he wants people to be able to shoot them down without facing civil liability. State Sen. Ralph Shortey, a Republican who represents the Oklahoma City area, authored a bill that exempts people from lawsuits if they damage drones that veer onto their property, according to multiple reports. The lawmaker's measure unanimously passed out of the state Senate Judiciary Committee in late February and is headed for a full vote in the upper chamber sometime this month, according to ABC-TV affiliate KTUL.com The measure applies to drones that are not under Federal Aviation Administration regulation. "There (are) privacy issues that have not been addressed by any of the FAA regulations or state law," Shortey was quoted by KTUL as saying.

Your Google Fiber dreams have probably just been crushed


Your Google Fiber hopes have been put on hold...perhaps forever. Google announced Tuesday that it was freezing any plans to expand into eight "potential cities," with the other metropolitan areas on the list being Jacksonville, Florida; Oklahoma City; Portland, Oregon; Tampa, Florida; and Phoenix. Not only that, Craig Barratt, CEO of Google Access, is stepping down. SEE ALSO: 7 reasons Google's Assistant stomps Siri "We're ever grateful to these cities for their ongoing partnership and patience, and we're confident we'll have an opportunity to resume our partnership discussions once we've advanced our technologies and solutions," Barlatt said of the freeze in a blog post. Alphabet is also cutting 9 percent of the Google Fiber staff, a "person familiar with the situation" told Bloomberg.