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How AI can help us clean up our land, air, and water


The next industrial revolution is already happening. Artificial intelligence (AI) is ushering in an era of technologies that are faster, more adaptable, more efficient, and making the world more digitally connected. AI is best described as complementary to human intelligence, delivering the computing power to crunch numbers too big for people and recognize patterns too tedious for the human eye. In a Harvard Business Review study of 1,500 companies, it was found that the most significant performance improvements were made when humans and machines worked together. As AI becomes one of society's greatest assets, it's especially helpful for solving problems that seem larger than life -- like protecting our natural environment.

Cytomine: Free Open source Web-based Digital Pathology (WSI) solution with Machine learning flavor


Cytomine is a web-based open source solution, aiming to empower whole-slide image processing, & analysis with machine learning algorithms. It's built to ease collaboration among researchers. Cytomine is built by a group of researchers from Montefiore Institute (University of Liège, Belgium) who are developing machine learning algorithms and big data software modules aiming to provide an open-source solution for processing very large imaging data. Unlike Orbit which we introduced in this article, Cytomine is considered lightweight, web-based, easy to install, & does not require heavy-duty hardware requirements like an orbit. It can be installed on a web server, a laptop or a desktop.

What's the best way to prepare for machine learning math? – IAM Network


The mathematics of machine learning is complicated. But it can become pleasant if you know where to start your learning journey. This article is part of "AI education", a series of posts that review and explore educational content on data science and machine learning. How much math knowledge do you need for machine learning and deep learning? Some people say not much.

Using machine learning to speed bioscaffold development


A team led by computer scientist Lydia Kavraki used a machine learning approach to predict the quality of scaffold materials produced by 3D-printing, given the printing parameters. The work also found that controlling print speed is critical in making high-quality implants. Bioscaffolds developed by co-author and bioengineer Antonios Mikos are bonelike structures that serve as placeholders for injured tissue. They are porous to support the growth of cells and blood vessels that turn into new tissue and ultimately replace the implant. Mikos has been developing bioscaffolds to improve techniques to heal craniofacial and musculoskeletal wounds.

How can technology and artificial intelligence help tackle climate change?


On Nov 28th 2019, the EU parliament declared a global climate and environmental emergency. They say that all politics is local and across the world climate change seems to be coming home to roost. In the hills around San Francisco the bankrupt PG&E power company pre-emptively shutoff power to homes for several days as it worried that its ageing electrical equipment would act as a match to the parched trees and vegetation. In Europe extreme flooding has been immersing ancient towns in apocalyptic scenes. In Australia it was hard to discern the iconic Sydney Opera House for all the smoke from the raging bush fires.

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Modern Data Centers - SoftAge Blog


Artificial Intelligence is not a new word in today's life. We all are very much familiar with the terms like artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice recognition, and robotics. This vertical has changed the way the whole world is working and implementing their tasks. Now-a-days, artificial intelligence has touched almost each and every vertical and industry, you can pick any industry and feel that some have already implemented artificial intelligence and on the other hand, some are working to enable it for their firms. You can have an example of it from the manufacturing of products, construction services, and even to the healthcare sector artificial intelligence is helping to work efficiently and effectively offering numerous benefits to this world.

AI and Machine Learning Technologies in COVID-19 Contactless Economy – IAM Network


Echoing the voice of all tech innovators and government agencies, global leaders at Taiwan have pitched AI ML solutions for COVID-19 and the contactless economy. Today, our lives are controlled by promising innovations to drive the contactless economy. The global economy has slowed down and shrunk significantly in the last six months due to lockdown protocols. The COVID-19 pandemic has been the single biggest catastrophe to have derailed the global scenario. While we were aware of mostly contactless payments and digital messaging solutions making it big in the Pre-COVID-19 days, today's scenario is totally different.

The Shape of Tensor


Tensors are the primary data structures used by neural networks. And they are rather fascinating as well. Machine learning and by extension deep learning is an interdisciplinary field. Its interesting to note how many different people from many different fields came to same concepts. The concept of tensor is a mathematical generalization of more specific concepts, vectors and matrices in particular. In neural networks transformations, input, output etc are performed via tensors.

Reinforcement Learning frameworks


This is the post number 20 in the "Deep Reinforcement Learning Explained" series devoted to Reinforcement Learning frameworks. So far, in previous posts, we have been looking at a basic representation of the corpus of RL algorithms (although we have skipped several) that have been relatively easy to program. But from now on, we need to consider both the scale and complexity of the RL algorithms. In this scenario, programming a Reinforcement Learning implementation from scratch can become tedious work with a high risk of programming errors. To address this, the RL community began to build frameworks and libraries to simplify the development of RL algorithms, both by creating new pieces and especially by involving the combination of various algorithmic components.

How Machine Learning Is Modernizing HR


The remote workplace has ended more than just rolling your chair over to your favorite coworker's desk. Interaction levels with HR have "basically fallen off a cliff," says Robert Toole, a partner at Kona HR Consulting. Large corps often have internal HR tech tools, but many small and medium firms are adopting them for the first time during Covid-19. Historically, HR's go-to employee pulse-check has been a lengthy annual survey. But in these…less-than-certain times, employees' lives are changing too quickly for a yearly questionnaire.