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Simon Cowell ditches phone for 10 months - and counting

BBC News

Simon Cowell has revealed he hasn't used his mobile phone for 10 months - saying the change was "so good" for his mental health. The media mogul told the Mail on Sunday he became irritated with how often he was using his phone. The 58-year-old said he has "become way more focused" and "aware of the people around me" since giving up his device. He said being without his phone was a "strange experience" but "has absolutely made me happier". "I literally have not been on my phone for 10 months," he said.

How to see if your Samsung Galaxy phone's working properly


Like a well-loved car, your phone will inevitably break down over time, even if you care for it really well with a protective case. Maybe you suspect the battery's not charging properly or the sensors aren't working. If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, there's a hidden test menu you can easily activate to see if something really is wrong. The hidden test menu is activated by typing*#0*# into the phone dial pad. The tests will vary depending on which Galaxy phone you own and each button corresponds to a different test.

Ban mobile phones in schools to protect pupils' mental health Letters

The Guardian

One of the best actions to protect young people's mental health (Editorial, 22 September) is to ban mobile phones in schools. Progressive schools have already done so, recognising the relentless impact that social media and screen time have on the emotional and mental health of their students. Their position is that it gives children six hours of screen-free, and social media-free time, which is desperately needed in an over-saturated digital world. The reason why this is not much more widespread is because such devices help schools control their students. As we have all known since the age of television, electronic devices make great babysitters.

Microsoft can’t stop launching Nokia feature phones


Microsoft may have cut short its Windows Phone and mobile efforts, and it may be in the process of selling its feature phone business, but the company is anything but done with launching new feature phones with Nokia branding. SEE ALSO: Will Microsoft's layoffs doom the Surface phone? The company today launched the Nokia 216 in India. The feature phone sports dual-SIM card capability, offers up to 19 days of standby time on a single charge, and is priced at Rs 2,495 ( 37). It will go on sale in the country from Oct. 24, a week before the Diwali festival.

The Best Android Phones of 2020


From foldable screens to 5G connectivity, to super AMOLED displays, smartphone companies are evolving and innovating faster than ever. While Samsung's Galaxy line dominates as many people's top choice for the best Android phone, other smartphone makers are gunning for its place with great handsets of their own. Of course, all this competition benefits consumers -- we now have many choices of fantastic Android mobile phones to pick from, and at a number of different price levels, from high end to budget phones. Read on to see our top picks for the best Android phone available right now. And while you're at it, check out our tips on how to buy a new phone.