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Steam's Remote Play Together feature now works without an account


Valve is expanding Steam's Remote Play Together feature to let just about anyone play games with you, even if they don't have a Steam account. Your friend will need to install the Steam Link app but they won't have to sign up. For now, you'll need to be running the Steam Client Beta to use Invite Anyone. You can grab an invite link from your friends list on the Steam overlay. Send it to whoever you like on Windows, iOS, Android or Raspberry Pi and they'll be able to join you as long as they have a decent internet connection.

How to stop Steam's new Chat and Friends list from automatically opening


The new Steam Chat is here and it's pretty great, even if it won't woo entrenched PC gamers from Discord. But there's one aspect that isn't so hot: Every time you open Steam, your friends list and the new chat automatically opens up in another window. The options menu doesn't offer any obvious tools to stop it from happening, but fortunately, you can stop the new Steam Chat from opening when you launch Steam a couple different ways. The first method is simple. By default, Steam is supposed to remember your Chat status when you launch the application.

Valve's Steam Link is dead, and that sucks


Valve's Steam Link, the wondrous black box that beamed games from your PC to your TV, is dead. And that sucks, because the Steam Link changed how I game forever, dragging me out of the office and into the rest of my house. "The supply of physical Steam Link hardware devices is sold out in Europe and almost sold out in the US," the company posted on Steam. "Moving forward, Valve intends to continue supporting the existing Steam Link hardware as well as distribution of the software versions of Steam Link, available for many leading smart phones, tablets and televisions." So while the Steam Link hardware is dead, the software--its spirit--lives on.

7 of the best handheld steam cleaners to satisfy your inner neat freak


Let's face it: Unless you're Rachel Lindsay from season 13 of The Bachelorette, you probably don't take pleasure in dancing around with your vacuum cleaner all day. But cleaning your living space is just one of those adult things we all have to do. So how can you make that process as quick and painless as possible? Enter the handheld steam cleaner. Many handheld steam cleaners offer a more eco-friendly and more modern alternative to whipping out the mop and cleaning chemicals.

Steam Machines disappear from Steam's hardware tab, but their legacy lives on


Steam Machines no longer grace Steam's dedicated hardware tabe, as GamingOnLinux noticed. Steam Machines carried thrilling potential but wound up doomed from the start, a catastrophic flop with consumers. The best concepts from the failed endeavor continue onward, though. Valve envisioned Steam Machines and SteamOS--a proprietary Linux fork intertwined with Steam's Big Picture mode--during the Windows 8 era, while Microsoft was trying to turn PCs into tablets and lock apps down in the Windows Store. Tiny, powerful Steam Machines by a legion of PC hardware makers were supposed to counter the threat of Windows becoming a walled garden while simultaneously dragging PC gaming into the living room.