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Google and Levi's unveil internet-connected jacket


American clothing company Levi's is addressing some serious first world problems with its $350 smart jacket, powered by Google's connected apparel platform Jacquard. The inability to answer calls or do other smartphone-specific activities while riding a bike, standing on a crowded train, or carrying groceries can certainly be worrying, despite humans having survived for millennia without that capability. Regardless, the denim jacket, called the Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket, has been designed to address this problem, or perhaps just introduce a different way for users to interface with their smartphones. It is the result of a long-term partnership between Levi's and Google to integrate capacitive threads with a copper core into the manufacturing process of a denim jacket. The smart jacket is equipped with a removable snap tag on the left sleeve cuff that allows wearers to interact with their smartphone more safely using gestures, LEDs, and haptic feedback.

$500 AR Smart Glasses Improve Athletes' Workouts With Virtual Display And Voice Activation

Forbes - Tech

The first pair of AR smart glasses made especially for fitness fanatics have finally gone on sale, allowing joggers, cyclists, and triathletes to train without the distraction of a physical device screen. Made by Kopin, the Solos AR smart glasses are designed to "inform and inspire" athletes and fitness fanatics alike, helping them to smash their full potential when out and about. Costing $500, they don't come cheap, but it's the first time that a manufacturer has been able to bring this technology to market. First shown off at CES in Las Vegas in January this year, the Solos smart glasses are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches and include integrated music, group communication, interchangeable lenses, and an adjustable nose piece for added customization. Solos said the glasses were made for cyclists, triathletes, runners, and other outdoor enthusiasts and is why the system features critical assistance, such as turn-by-turn route directions, as well as information meant to keep an athlete focused and aware.

Smart patch that measures sweat in athletes could be used on coronavirus patients

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A smart patch used to measure sweat components in athletes may play a role in monitoring patients with coronavirus. The patches, called Gx, were developed in partnership with Gatorade, but its creators believe it can be used in the response to the pandemic. The technology is capable of monitoring fatigue and cytokine and electrolyte levels, providing healthcare workers with information to determine if a case could become life-threatening. The device could also be built into an N95 mask, allowing it to track the health of medical staff who are working on the front lines of the outbreak. The patch was developed by Epicore Biosystems, which stems from a researcher group at Northwestern University.

Sana's smart sleep goggles for insomniacs will be out in 2018


These sleep googles by a company called Sana Health cost a lot more than your typical mask, but it promises peaceful sleep 10 minutes after you put them on. That's because they more than just block the light: they have mechanisms inside that chunky, VR-headset-like frame that give them the power to use audio-visual stimulation. This triggers patterns in the brain present in the best natural sleep cycles to induce deep states of relaxation and beat insomnia. The Sana Sleep mask can even monitor fluctuations in your nervous system, so it can personalize the audio-visual stimulation for you. Richard Hanbury, the company's chief, worked on the technology as a solution to his chronic pain issues that make it hard to go to sleep.

Tom Brady, Under Armour unveil smart pajamas

Boston Herald

Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, really really loves his rest. And to help the sleep-deprived masses, he enlisted the help of Under Armor to design smart sleepwear to help athletes to "rest, win, and repeat." The Athlete Recovery Sleepwear--which is really just a fancy way to say smart pajamas--looks like what you would expect. What's different is the hexagonal TB12 bioceramic infrared pattern on the inside of the shirt and pants. This is meant to absorb infrared wavelengths and reduce inflammation while you sleep, aiding in recovery time so that you can be at your best the next day.