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People with sexy Tinder photos are more likely to be seen as incompetent and unlikeable

Daily Mail - Science & tech

While dating apps were once seen as a last resort for finding love, they're now the go-to option for millions of singletons around the world. But if you use Tinder, Bumble or Hinge, a new study may encourage you to reassess which photos you include. Researchers from the University of Arizona have revealed that people with sexy photos on their dating profiles are more likely to seen as incompetent and unlikeable. People who opt for saucy snaps are also less likely to be seen as looking for a long-term relationship than people with less sexy photos. The first incarnation of a dating app can be traced back to 1995 when was first launched.

People who are successful on dating app are more likely to cheat

Daily Mail - Science & tech

As Valentine's Day approaches and the aroma of love turns even devout singletons into frenzied love-seekers, many will invariably turn to dating apps for help. But caving in and venturing into the murky world of Hinge, Tinder and Bumble is a poisoned chalice, doomed to fail even if it works, a new study reveals. Academics have found people who have success in the fickle world of virtual swiping perceive themselves to be desirable as a result of their conquests. This sense of self-desirability, it has been proved, makes a person more likely to cheat when they eventually settle down into a serious relationship. Dr Cassandra Alexopoulos of the University of Massachusetts led the research and quizzed 395 participants on their dating app use.

People are now paying an agency to STALK their dates on social media

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Lonelyhearts are paying an agency to stalk their first dates online to avoid the embarrassment of being'catfished'. The paid catfish hunters trawl publicly-available posts on social networks, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and personal websites and blogs. This is used to verify whether the person on the other end of the dating app is exactly who they say they are. Dubbed Vet Your Date, the agency charges online daters a flat fee of £20 to obtain a full report of the person they're hoping to meet for an romantic date, however, a monthly subscription service is due to launch in the near future. 'Catfishing' originated as a term for the process of luring people into false relationships that has become increasingly prevalent with the rise of social media.

Tinder tests out new 'My Move' feature that will only let women initiate conversations

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The Indian edition of dating app Tinder is trialing a new feature which gives women an additional level of scrutiny and security before they allow men to start messaging conversations, with a view to rolling the function out globally. The'My Move' feature allows women to choose in their settings that only they can start a conversation with a male match after both have approved each other with Tinder's swiping function. Normally, the app gives both parties to a successful match - where both have swiped yes on the other's photograph - the right to text each other immediately. The'My Move' feature allows women to choose in their settings that only they can start a conversation with a male match after both have approved each other with Tinder's swiping function. Tinder has been testing the function in India for several months and plans to spread it worldwide if the full rollout proves successful.

Tinder starts using artificial intelligence to check users' profile photos are real

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Tinder is to'swipe left' on catfishing as the popular dating app starts using artificial intelligence to check that profile photos uploaded by users are genuine. The photo verification feature will allow members to get their images authenticated by posing for a series of real-time selfies. Human-assisted artificial intelligence technology will then compare these submission to existing profile photos to confirm that they do match up. Once a person's photos have been verified, their profile will be granted a blue checkmark icon so that other users can trust their appearance is genuine. The verification feature is one of a number of dating safety features being added to Tinder, which will also gain a dedicated in-app safety centre and panic button.