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School abuse: Teachers face sexualised insults in class, says union

BBC News

Rosemary Carabine, another member of the union's executive, questioned why teachers should have to use workplace grievance procedures or industrial action to feel safe at work from "daily" threats and aggression, in some cases.

'Over-sexualised' Femfresh shaving advert banned

BBC News

An advert for bikini line shaving products has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which found it was likely to cause "serious or widespread offence". The Femfresh advert featured women, wearing briefs and swimwear, dancing. Shown on ITV and Channel 4 on-demand services earlier this year, it included close-up shots of the women's crotches. The ASA received 17 complaints that the advert objectified women and portrayed them in an overly sexualised way. Church & Dwight UK - the brand which owns Femfresh - did not believe the advert for the so-called "intimate shaving collection" was offensive or socially irresponsible.

Facebook 'failed to remove sexualised images of children'

BBC News

Facebook has been criticised for its handling of reports about sexualised images of children on its platform. The chairman of the Commons media committee, Damian Collins, said he had "grave doubts" about the effectiveness of its content moderation systems. Mr Collins' comments come after the BBC reported dozens of photos to Facebook, but more than 80% were not removed. They included images from groups where men were discussing swapping what appeared to be child abuse material. When provided with examples of the images, Facebook reported the BBC journalists involved to the police and cancelled plans for an interview.

Facebook's response over sexualised child images is 'extraordinary'

The Guardian

"Grave doubts" have emerged about the effectiveness of Facebook's moderation system after an investigation revealed the social network was failing to remove sexualised images of children even after they were reported. Damian Collins, chair of the culture, media and sport committee, made the comments as he criticised Facebook's handling of the images, dozens of which were reported to the company by the BBC and fewer than 20% were removed. After the BBC sent evidence of the photos to Facebook, the social media company reported the BBC to the police for distributing the images, which had been shared on private Facebook groups intended for paedophiles. "I find it very disturbing. I find that content unacceptable," Collins said.

Feeling isolated as an asexual in a sexualised society

BBC News

When Stacey wrote about her experience of not wanting to sleep with anyone, even her husband, dozens of readers sent emails saying that they too were asexual. Many described feeling isolated in a sexualised society. Here is a selection of their stories - and a response from an asexual activist about the importance of joining a community.