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Lessons From My Standoff With an Autonomous Sidewalk Robot


One afternoon last month, as I was crossing a busy four-lane street that runs through the University of Pittsburgh campus, I looked up to see a robot blocking my path. Over the summer, several four-wheeled, knee-high robots had been roaming campus, unmarked and usually with a human handler several feet behind. Recently they'd multiplied, and now they were flying solo. They belonged to Starship Technologies, I learned, an autonomous delivery service rolling out on college campuses across America. As a chemical engineering Ph.D. student at the University of Pittsburgh who uses a power wheelchair, I figured it wouldn't be long before I met one of these bots in a frustrating face-off on a narrow sidewalk.

Sidewalk delivery is heading for a turf war


An autonomous sidewalk delivery company is announcing the closing of a seed funding round with some big backers. Serve Robotics joins a rapidly expanding list of autonomous delivery developers wooing investors with the notion of robots conducting last mile deliveries in urban and suburban areas. The autonomous delivery ecosystem has been fun to watch, and the name of the game is strategic commercial alliances. We could be heading for a turf war as big food service providers and existing delivery providers all try to get an early edge in last mile autonomous delivery. Participation from strategic investors in this round is telling.

Top 10 Autonomous Delivery Robots Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood


In the current times where human to human interaction can be fatal in many areas and everything is dependent on one-touch away services through mobile apps, service providers must facilitate customers with the best service and delivery experiences. It is high time that vendors should enhance their last-mile delivery services with efficiency. The movements of goods from the transportation hub to the final destination, specifically personal residence in most of the cases, are termed as last-mile delivery. The last mile logistics are currently focusing on delivering items to end-users as fast as possible. Here are the top 10 most innovative companies building autonomous delivery robots that may come soon to your neighborhood.

Autonomous Delivery Robots


Ottonomy robots help navigate businesses with staffing shortages for retail and restaurant industries. Our fully autonomous robots can deliver food & beverages, groceries, and packages to curbside, last mile, and even indoor environments. Ottonomy robots are available on a "RaaS" (Robotics as a Service) model. Our business customers get access to a quicker, safer, and more economical delivery option as compared to traditional 3rd party delivery services. Above all these robots are set to reduce carbon emissions and improve quality of life.

Autonomous Delivery Robots to Hit Redwood City, Calif., Streets in December


Various reports have surfaced in the past year about unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) delivering packages and take-out to your door -- but some options are closer to the ground, literally. And one Silicon Valley city is jumping to test out this new technology, considered the newest frontier in automated delivery. Redwood City, Calif., recently passed a city resolution (PDF) for a nine-month pilot program in which Starship Technologies works with parcel delivery, grocery and food delivery firms who will use its autonomous robots to carry out the deliveries. As a demonstration for the city, the robot delivered a box of cookies from a local bakery. The company has run pilot programs in London; D├╝sseldorf, Germany; Bern, Switzerland; and Washington, D.C.