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Here's a Great Reason to Dust Off Your Wii U

TIME - Tech

Star Fox 64 is somewhere in there, right? Well then I've got great news for you. The classic Nintendo space shooter is doing a barrel roll onto the Wii U virtual console this week, the company says. It was previously available as a Wii U downloadable in Europe, but this is the first time it's showing up stateside. This particular nostalgia trip will run you $9.99.

No, The Nintendo Switch Is Not Ready To Buy...Yet

Forbes - Tech

The Nintendo Switch on display as Nintendo unveils it at a pop-up Living room in Madison Square Park in New York on March 3, 2017. Nintendo Switch is a first-of-its-kind video game system where you can play at home and take it on-the-go. I've had some time with my Nintendo Switch. It's a very pretty console, it's a very strange console, and it's even, for all of its complications, a functional console in many ways. It asks a whole lot more out of its hardware than any console that has come before it, and it delivers on a solid portion of those promises.

Best Xbox One Bundle Deals (2018)


The Xbox One X is the go-to console for enthusiasts, with its faster performance and 4K HDR support. Especially if you invested in a 4K TV recently, this console gives gamers a great, high-res experience on the big screen. If you don't have a 4K TV, it's also a great time to get the Xbox One S, Microsoft's affordable console for the rest of us. Both options have a great library of titles, 4K Blu-ray playing capabilities, and support for all your favorite streaming services.

Why Is Nintendo's Switch So Successful? It's All About The Marketing

Forbes - Tech

The Wii was Nintendo's best-selling home console of all time, so of course its successor launched with impossibly high expectations. And yes, the Wii U was an abject failure, despite having a number of excellent first-party Nintendo games. Don't worry, this isn't some long overdue post-mortem of the Wii U. Rather, it's a look at why the Switch is so insanely successful by comparison. Could it all come down to marketing? Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé didn't give a simple "yes" to that question in a recent interview with The Star, but he definitely implied it: "What we've been able to do with Nintendo Switch is a number of very important things.

Amazon has the DualSense on sale, a great controller for co-op gamers


The PlayStation 5 DualSense is on sale at Amazon -- if you get a renewed version, you can save $12.89 on the hard-to-find controller. Even if you have scored a coveted PlayStation 5 console by now (they're still extremely elusive), the chance that you also were able to secure a second DualSense controller is slim. If you did happen to get both, congratulations, we are very impressed. But for those co-op gamers who have been stuck flying solo, we actually found a small stock of renewed DualSense controllers at Amazon -- plus, they're on sale for almost $13 off as a nice bonus. Act fast, because there aren't many left.