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TikTok plans 'Kitchens' service that will deliver viral food meals across the US

The Independent - Tech

TikTok is planning to launch a service to deliver food that has gone viral on its app. The video app is partnering with company Virtual Dining Concepts to create the meals for customers across the United States. 'TikTok Kitchens', as it is being called, will launch in 300 locations by the end of next year. The process is like other ghost kitchens – where a centralised location cooks food for a variety of businesses – but the app's service will apparently use a restaurant's existing kitchen. Employees on site will provide training, food packaging, and recipes.

TikTok is testing Twitter-like 'Repost' button to share videos among friends

The Independent - Tech

TikTok is testing a'Repost' button that would allow users to share videos made by other users to their friends. The button, which is not available across all of TikTok yet, is found in the Share menu where users send videos via texts or social media. In some instances, the Repost button is called "Recommended", as TikTok has not yet decided on what the trigger will be called. Unlike Twitter's retweet function, a reposted video does not show on a user's own TikTok feed; rather, it goes directly to friends' For You feeds. If a video is found through the Discover page or in a user's TikTok inbox, they will not see the Repost button.

TikTok in China gets 40-minute limit for kids under new regulations

The Independent - Tech

TikTok's equivalent Chinese app, Douyin, will be restricted for children in China to only 40 minutes per day. In a post on the QQ social media site, Douyin's parent company ByteDance wrote that users under the age of 14 will only be able to use the app between 6:00am and 10:00pm. That rule will be backed up by real-name authentication, a system that China has also been using for gamers on consoles. The restriction, which ByteDance is calling'youth mode', will only show "prepared" content such as historical information, exhibitions, scenery, and science experiments. Douyin says it is the first platform in the short-form video industry to introduce this restriction, so is opening up a bug bounty for users to report suspicious activity such as "access processes, cracking and other vulnerabilities", as well as general user experience issues.

Spotify launches new TikTok-style way of listening to music

The Independent - Tech

Spotify is working on a new way of listening to music in the style of TikTok. The new "Discover" tool is in testing and may not ever come to users. But for those that have it, it appears as a new icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. If users click on that, they can listen to music by swiping through their feed, in the same way that videos can be watched on TikTok. Users can interact with songs on there, such as liking them to listen to later, or visiting the album they came from.

Gmail, TikTok and Snapchat users complain apps slowing down during Facebook outage

The Independent - Tech

Gmail, TikTok and Snapchat users have complained that the apps are slowing down amid the outage of Facebook companies, which finally resolved as of Monday evening. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram all stopped working at the same time on Monday, forcing their 3bn users to flood across to other social media platforms. And many of those apps then themselves saw significant slowdowns as they dealt with mass sign-ups and log-ins as Facebook remained unavailable. It is the biggest Facebook outage since 2019, when the company was hit by technical issues for 24 hours. Users of other email and social media platforms were quick to take to Twitter to complain about the situation.