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Expert Human-Level Driving in Gran Turismo Sport Using Deep Reinforcement Learning with Image-based Representation Artificial Intelligence

When humans play virtual racing games, they use visual environmental information on the game screen to understand the rules within the environments. In contrast, a state-of-the-art realistic racing game AI agent that outperforms human players does not use image-based environmental information but the compact and precise measurements provided by the environment. In this paper, a vision-based control algorithm is proposed and compared with human player performances under the same conditions in realistic racing scenarios using Gran Turismo Sport (GTS), which is known as a high-fidelity realistic racing simulator. In the proposed method, the environmental information that constitutes part of the observations in conventional state-of-the-art methods is replaced with feature representations extracted from game screen images. We demonstrate that the proposed method performs expert human-level vehicle control under high-speed driving scenarios even with game screen images as high-dimensional inputs. Additionally, it outperforms the built-in AI in GTS in a time trial task, and its score places it among the top 10% approximately 28,000 human players.

'Rainbow Six Extraction' is a slow, steady ... OH MY GOD IT'S GOT MY FACE!

Washington Post - Technology News

Even still, I liked what I played. "Extraction" does a great job of building up friction that makes it more difficult to complete deceptively simple objectives. There's also a surprising amount of depth, as evidenced by all the neat little tricks and features I picked up on during the demo: Using a melee attack on sprawl on the floor, for example, clears it out of the way and makes it easier to walk. But it's not clear from the test session how "Extraction" might play once the game is "solved," so to speak, and the optimal way of handling the game's myriad puzzles is figured out. "Extraction's" biggest test will come once the novelty -- and the tricks -- run out.

Ubisoft delays 'Rainbow Six Extraction' to January 2022


Ubisoft has delayed its two big September releases. Both Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic won't make their previously announced release dates, the company shared in separate blog posts on Friday. Originally scheduled to come out on September 16th, Ubisoft now plans to release Extraction in January 2022. Meanwhile, it has pushed Riders Republic from September 2nd to October 28th. Update: We are delaying the release of Rainbow Six Extraction until January 2022. We will use this time to ensure that we bring this immersive, cooperative, and thrilling experience to life as we prepare to bring you a truly unique Rainbow Six game.

Occlusive Components Analysis

Neural Information Processing Systems

We study unsupervised learning in a probabilistic generative model for occlusion. The model uses two types of latent variables: one indicates which objects are present in the image, and the other how they are ordered in depth. This depth order then determines how the positions and appearances of the objects present, specified in the model parameters, combine to form the image. We show that the object parameters can be learnt from an unlabelled set of images in which objects occlude one another. Exact maximum-likelihood learning is intractable.

OCR for Smart Data Extraction from PDF and Images with NER


Gain a competitive edge in the world of Computer Vision through this course by learning how to do Smart Data Extraction from Pdf and Images. Gain a competitive edge in the world of Computer Vision through this course by learning how to do Smart Data Extraction from Pdf and Images. The technology landscape of world has brought in cognitive skills at the forefront where major emphasis is on intelligent data extraction. This becomes more complex due to the huge variety of input documents such as pdf document with structured data, scanned pdf document and word document. This course aims to solve this challenging problem by helping you to understand these various formats and then empower you to do smart data extraction using Python, Pandas, OCR, Tesseract, PyTesseract, OpenCV, Spacy and NER concepts.