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Wisconsin Researchers Aim to Help Cranberry Industry

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The research of Amaya Atucha, an assistant professor and Gottschalk Chair for cranberry research in the university's horticulture department, focuses on how cranberry plants are able to withstand subfreezing temperatures during winter, as well as strategies to reduce the impact of frost and winter stress in cranberry plants.

Baby eating cranberries despite hating them is surprisingly relatable


When life gives you sour cranberries, you just eat them anyway because they're there, right? Like coffee or wine, cranberries are an acquired taste. The fruity snack would be great if only this didn't seem to hate them so much. Maybe he's just hoping he'll get used to it eventually. The'Game of Thrones' Season 6 finale looks set to be an epic one John Oliver's epic'Brexit' takedown is a thing of beauty

Fall is for cranberries

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PLYMOUTH MA - November 8: Israel Cordero washes down cranberries as they drop into a waiting truck after being harvested at the Piney Wood Bog on November 8, 2021 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Whole berry cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving: Try the recipe

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You don't need to reinvent the wheel to make a memorable cranberry sauce, and nothing beats a homemade, whole berry rendition. Ocean Spray, American agricultural cooperative of growers of cranberries, has shared its recipe with Fox News ahead of Thanksgiving. "Ocean Spray's first product was cranberry sauce, we were built on this iconic, simple but mouthwateringly tart bright red condiment," Chef David Ehrlinger, senior manager of culinary innovation, Ocean Spray, tells Fox News. "This traditional recipe, passed down from one generation of farmer to the next, was inspired by the beautifully tart flavor the cranberry provides with nothing to get in its way." Though it's a go-to with turkey, Ehrlinger says its bright acidity also pairs nicely with pork, or even in your next brunch cocktail.

Coastal Islanders Band Together For Broadband

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She regularly sets up shop in the foyer of the Great Cranberry Library, the only place with a fast internet connection on the island. She regularly sets up shop in the foyer of the Great Cranberry Library, the only place with a fast internet connection on the island. If you've ever dreamed of the good life on one of Maine's coastal islands, be forewarned: jobs are few, mainly in lobstering, boat-building and ... caretaking summer residences. Islanders struggling to maintain year'round communities say that's a big problem. But now some Maine lobstermen and would-be telecommuters are banding together to pay for costly new infrastructure they hope will help preserve a threatened way of life.