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UK's Royal Mail aims to open up to 50 drone routes for rural deliveries


The UK's Royal Mail wants to set up as many as 50 drone routes over the next three years to make deliveries to remote communities. The plan, which requires approval from the Civil Aviation Authority, would see the service secure up to 200 of the autonomous devices from logistics drone company Windracers. The Royal Mail said the first communities to benefit would be the Isles of Scilly (off the coast of Cornwall in south-west England) and the Scottish islands of Shetland, Orkney and the Hebrides. Test flights started last year. In the most recent one, held in April, the service was able to use a UAV to deliver mail to Unst, Britain's most northerly inhabited island, from Tingwall Airport on Shetland's largest island.

UK postal service tests autonomous drone deliveries to remote islands


It's not just online and big-box retailers that are exploring deliveries by drone. Following in the footsteps of the Swiss Post, the UK's Royal Mail is the latest postal service to trial drone flights. The company has announced a landmark project to deliver packages -- including personal protective equipment, COVID testing kits and assorted mail -- to a UK island using an autonomous Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV). As part of the government-backed project, a large drone will take off from the mainland and fly to the Scilly Isles (a remote archipelago off the Cornish coast in southwest England). The twin-engine UAV can carry up to 100kg of mail of all shapes and sizes, which the Royal Mail said is equivalent to a typical delivery round.

Drone projects to deliver Covid-19 supplies receive share of £33 million in UK government funding

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Drone Defence Services and the University of Nottingham will develop sensor technology to track aircraft. By monitoring all aircraft, Drone Defence aims to prevent drone misuse and enable drones to safely share the sky with other aircraft.

The Morning After: The Odin is a capable, portable retro console


When it comes to retro portable gaming, even the better handhelds usually only emulate the original PlayStation and N64 era. But if you're a fan of the GameCube or PS2 libraries (and you should be), the number of handhelds capable enough, well-made enough and reasonably priced enough is small. But here comes the Ayn Odin. Editor at Large James Trew has been intrigued by what seems to be a pretty cohesive handheld console, with similarities to the Switch Lite and Steam Deck. 'The Pentaverate' is a reminder of what Netflix took from us The UK's Royal Mail wants to set up 50 drone routes over the next three years to make deliveries to remote communities.

Amazon 'Scout' delivery robots will roam the streets of Southern California

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A fleet of Amazon'Scout' delivery robots will roam the streets of Southern California as part of the firm's largest trial of automated'last mile' delivery. Last-mile delivery is the last stage of getting a package from a warehouse to your door, traditionally completed by a van or truck. Retailers and courier firms are racing to automate this process through the use of drones, either by land or by air. Amazon's latest roll-out follows a successful trial conducted in a small neighbourhood in Washington state earlier this year. Each Scout robot is a squat, bright blue device that gets around on six wheels.