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One of the Brains Behind Tesla May Have a New Way to Make Electric Cars Cheaper WSJD - Technology

Almost every day old iPhones and other used personal electronics arrive by the truckload at a warehouse in Carson City, Nev., where workers crack them open, pull out their batteries and strip them for raw materials. To JB Straubel, one of the brains behind Tesla Inc., that refuse holds the key to driving the electric car revolution forward--and making the vehicles affordable enough for everyone to own one.

Tesla gives owners free trial of its self-driving future


If the Tesla has the necessary hardware, the owner can get an over-the-air update that adds Autopilot for 30 days. The offer was first noticed by Reddit user kushari. A Tesla spokesperson confirmed that the trial is available for all owners of supported vehicles. If an owner wants to add the feature after taking delivery of a car, the cost is 3,000. This gives those drivers the ability to try before they buy and see if automatic steering, lane changing and speed control is worth all that money.

Elon Musk wins trial over Tesla acquisition of SolarCity

Washington Post - Technology News

Elon Musk did not breach his fiduciary duty to Tesla when the company acquired solar power firm SolarCity, a Delaware Chancery Court judge ruled on Wednesday. The decision was delivered in a 132-page verdict.

Tesla is giving current owners a one-month free trial of Autopilot


Are you a current Model S or Model X owner and wish you could try out Autopilot before you shell out for it? Tesla will now give you can a free one-month trial of the semi-autonomous system. All Model X and recent Model S vehicles left the factory with Autopilot hardware. If the owner wanted it activated at the time of purchase, they paid 2,500 for the tech suite. If they wish to have it activated after the one-month free trial, however, the price jumps to 3,000 -- 500 more than if they'd ordered it before testing it.

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