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What's the difference between weather and climate?

BBC News

With extreme weather events on the rise, Reality Check's Chris Morris unpacks the difference and relationship between weather and climate.

UK weather: Is hot February down to climate change?

BBC News

We're getting weirdly warm weather for February - which has everyone asking the same question. How much of this is due to a warming climate? Or is this just a freak few days? The record temperature for February has been broken twice in the past two days in the UK. But should we be taking climate change more seriously and is there a way to work out the difference between the two?

In era of weather extremes, TV forecasters become climate educators

Christian Science Monitor | Science

Last week, as Hurricane Ida weakened on its way out of Louisiana, CBS News meteorologist Jeff Berardelli tweeted out a warning. "This is not getting the attention it deserves," he wrote, alongside a graphic of the storm system traveling toward the Northeast. The next morning, he took to the air to talk about how climate change was making weather events like Ida far more dangerous, putting the storms "on steroids." Later that day, more than a half a foot of rain fell in the New York region over just a few hours. More than 45 people died in floodwaters.

2020 in review: Extreme weather seen around the world as climate warms

New Scientist

THE year began with extreme weather in Australia. Bushfires in the nation, made possible by a severe drought, produced apocalyptic scenes of ships rescuing people from beaches, dry thunderstorm clouds and wildlife fleeing beneath orange skies. The fires pumped three times the amount of smoke into the stratosphere as anything seen before, and they burned an unprecedented 58,000 square kilometres of forest in New South Wales and Victoria.

Extreme weather: What is it and how is it connected to climate change?

BBC News

Heatwaves, wildfires, floods and droughts highlight how extreme weather is linked to climate change.