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People are more comfortable interacting with a robot if it appears female

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Companies looking to replace human staff with robots at hotels, restaurants and other service industries, should consider giving them a female face, study finds. For the study, 170 volunteers were asked by experts from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, for their thoughts on a scenario involving a hypothetical robot working in a service job - such as as a hotel greeter. The team discovered that people are more comfortable talking to a female presenting robot, especially if it has human-like features. The researchers said that in future, as well as a female face, it could be important for robots to have some degree of personality, especially if working in service jobs. Companies looking to replace human staff with robots at hotels, restaurants and other service industries, should consider giving them a female face, study finds.

Table-waiting robot CAT unveiled at CES 2020 that can miaow at restaurant customers

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A table-waiting robot cat built by a Chinese technology firm can carry plates of food, navigate a restaurant, miaow at diners -- and even react to having its ears stroked. Making its debut at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas tomorrow, the so-called BellaBot was built for Chinese restaurants lacking enough waiters. The cute service bot is just one of a number of wacky automatons featuring in the tech show -- alongside a robot that can do yoga and tai chi poses. BellaBot -- which can navigate around obstacles and its fellow robots -- is the brainchild of the Chinese robotics and artificial intelligence firm PuduTech. It features four shelves in the centre of its tower-like body to carry plates.

Restaurant cat robot meows angrily at diners


A robot cat designed to ferry plates of food to restaurant customers has been unveiled at the CES tech expo in Las Vegas. BellaBot, built by the Chinese firm PuduTech, is one of a number of wacky robotic inventions being shown off at the event this year. There is also UBTech's Walker, which can pull yoga poses. It speeds a roll of toilet paper on demand to bathrooms that have run out of the stuff. One expert said it was likely that robots exhibited at CES would only continue to get more bizarre in the future.

Waiters, shelf fillers and retail assistants are most likely to be replaced with robots

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Waiters, shelf stackers and people working in retail are the most likely to be replaced by automated systems in the future, according to new research into AI employment. The study, funded by trade electrical suppliers ElectricalDirect, found that while manual and repetitive tasks were easy to replace with robots, doctors and teachers were safe'for now'. The jobs most at risk from automation, according to the study, are waiters, shelf fillers, retail assistants, bar staff and farm workers. At the other end of the scale, with those in the most'secure from automation' roles are doctors, teachers, dentists, psychologists and physiotherapists. The researchers found an obvious geographical trend as well, with the north, particularly Wigan, Doncaster and Sunderland at the greatest risk from robots.



The world does not stand still. Who among us, as a child, imagined that cell phones and the Internet will be fully integrated into our lives? This is no longer а gimmick, almost everyone has a phone, and maybe even two. We can't imagine our life without a computer, and we never leave the Internet, day or night. It made our lives easier in some respects, but it has also brought a number of inconveniences with it.