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The car designed for INFLUENCERS: Mercedes-Benz unveils its new E-class with built-in TikTok app

Daily Mail - Science & tech

It's the go-to app for many influencers around the world, and now social media stars can even use TikTok from their cars. Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a new car interior that's perfect for influencers, featuring a giant touchscreen, selfie camera and built-in apps – including TikTok. 'Customers can look forward to a particularly immersive entertainment experience in the new E‑Class,' Mercedes-Benz explained. 'Music, games and streaming content can be experienced in the car with almost all the senses.' The futuristic interior will launch in the Mercedes E-Class W214 model, which will go on sale this summer.

Tesla rival Byton wants you to binge media in the car


In Binged, Mashable breaks down why we binge-watch, how we binge-watch, and what it does to us. Because binge-watching is the new normal. The screen-filled electric car company Byton knows you can't put down that Netflix series. The Chinese EV company designed its upcoming M-Byte SUV knowing the car is another place to consume shows, movies, music, games, podcasts, and social media GIFs, streaming videos, and more. This isn't just about taking on Tesla's battery, range, and price (the base M-Byte will start at $45,000), but building out a unique user experience inside the car.

CES 2023: Arnold Schwarzenegger takes to the stage for BMW keynote

Daily Mail - Science & tech

He played one of the most memorable machines in sci-fi movie history. Now, the star of the Terminator films, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has appeared on stage to plug BMW's new AI-inspired car. The actor and former governor of California took to the stage during the German automobile firm's keynote address at CES 2023 in Las Vegas on Wednesday. 'Arnie' was then joined on stage by BMW CEO Oliver Zipse, who introduced the firm's new colour-changing car, the BMW i Vision Dee. Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks during BMW's keynote at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday.

CES 2023: The most weird and wonderful gadgets unveiled at the Las Vegas tech event

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is known for showcasing some of the most peculiar technology in the world – and this year's event was no exception. CES 2023, which ran last week and wrapped on Sunday, became the first in-person, full capacity CES since 2020, due to the Covid pandemic. Here's a look at the most weird and wonderful devices revealed at the event, including BMW's colour changing car and a'smartwatch' that deliberately doesn't tell the time. Here's a look at the weird and wonderful devices showcased at CES 2023, including BMW's colour changing car and a'smartwatch' that deliberately doesn't tell the time CES is a technology trade show held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show is often used by some of the biggest names in the industry to announce new products, such as Samsung and Amazon.

BMW sparks controversy over £15/month heated seat subscription service

Daily Mail - Science & tech

With temperatures in parts of the UK expected to hit 33C this week, the last thing any drivers are thinking about is heated seats. But a fierce debate has been sparked online, following the news that BMW is offering a subscription service to turn on heated seats in its cars. The service will see drivers charged £15/month to turn on heated front seats, and an additional £10/month to switch on the heated steering wheel. BMW hopes the service will be helpful for owners who change their minds after purchase. However, sceptics have called BMW'greedy', and claim that if the technology is already built into the cars, users should have access.