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Covid lockdown: Rally drivers fined for breaking rules

BBC News

A group of men who ignored local lockdown rules to go rally driving have been hit with penalty fines. The group had travelled from Caerphilly to near Brynamman in the Brecon Beacons National Park. Caerphilly is under extra Covid restrictions, making it illegal to leave the county without good reason. Dyfed-Powys Police said the four men refused to co-operate with officers over lockdown, and were all handed fines. "Officers tried to engage with the group, who had travelled from Caerphilly, and explained several times that were not allowed to be in this area," said Insp Andy Williams.

Covid: UK expats struggle with Australia lockdowns

BBC News

These are the important things and what I hold on to when the going gets tough. One day we will look back and remember those days of lockdown, hopefully through rose-tinted spectacles, fondly remembering the positives of lockdown: the slower pace of life, the time spent together as a family and the connections we have made with family and friends across the globe.

Shanghai Covid lockdown: The struggle of blind massage therapists

BBC News

In early June, Shanghai emerged from a strict two-month citywide lockdown, in a country that has been pursuing a hard zero-Covid policy. Though authorities claim life is back to normal, residents are adapting to a'new normal' of frequent mass testing, contact tracing and small-scale community lockdowns to try to stamp out any Covid cases. Many businesses are struggling and workers are feeling the effects. For those who are blind or partially sighted, the massage industry is a vital employment lifeline. But workers say the effects of lockdown and a lack of government support are making life particularly difficult.

Hold Still: UK lockdown caught on camera

BBC News

"The Stockport Spider-Men was started by two friends, Jason Baird and Andrew Baldock, who took to the streets of Stockport right at the start of lockdown dressed as Spider-Man, and used their daily exercise time to keep the children smiling. This turned into a national phenomenon, with more than 50 members of the public, dressed as various other characters, joining in.

Coronavirus: Beijing's back and forth lockdown

BBC News

An increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 has led to fresh restrictions in some parts of the UK. But how do other countries cope? Much of China has returned to a more normal pace of life after authorities began relaxing coronavirus lockdowns in late spring. But as many cities have found out, loosened containment measures can be short-lived. In June, Beijing experienced a sudden surge of cases linked to a wholesale market, leading authorities to immediately quarantine close contacts, lockdown nearby areas, and mass test residents. The upside is that with surprise outbreaks like this cropping up across the country, officials have fine-tuned their emergency response.