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Junichi Masuda Talks 'Pokémon' Games For Nintendo Switch; Fans Weigh In On 'Pokémon Sun And Moon' And 'Pokémon Stars' For New Console

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Game Freak board of directors member Junichi Masuda did an interview recently in which he gushed about the idea of bringing the "Pokémon" games to the Nintendo Switch. Fans of the upcoming console and the "Pokémon" gaming series were then thrilled to know that there is indeed hope for the famous series to arrive in the new Nintendo hybrid. Masuda was interviewed by Spanish gaming news site MeriStation early this week, and the video game designer addressed if the Pokémon series is coming to the Nintendo Switch. According to Masuda, communication is quite important for the Pokémon franchise to be available in Nintendo's upcoming console. He also admitted how portable gaming consoles are still the trend in Japan, so Game Freak intends to communicate with players in order for this possible venture to work.

Game Freak May Wait And See With The Nintendo Switch Before Releasing A New 'Pokémon' Game On It

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In a new interview with Junichi Masuda, the producer of Pokémon Sun and Moon, he's partly gone on to explain Game Freak's stance on the upcoming Nintendo Switch in regards to Pokémon. While Masuda is very positive about the system as a whole and thinks it represents the future of gaming, he says that Game Freak will be paying close attention to how the Nintendo Switch will be received by the public at large before deciding if Pokémon will be represented on the console. This in turn undermines the recent rumor that the Nintendo Switch would be getting a version of Pokémon Sun and Moon that is currently codenamed Pokémon Stars. Again, the lack of concrete information from Nintendo has gone on to fuel this ambiguity and consequent hearsay. That said, Masuda already explained a while back that the mainline Pokémon games will remain on handhelds for the near future but the Nintendo Switch is not a typical console in that regard.

'Pokémon' is finally getting a console release, but don't get your expectations up too high


The Pokémon developers are feeling the pressure around their upcoming Nintendo Switch game, the first time a main Pokémon RPG is coming to consoles. In an interview with Game Informer, developer Game Freak's Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori acknowledged the pressure they're feeling from Pokémon fans and discussed what it's like to work under those high expectations. SEE ALSO: Misty and Brock are being erased from Pokémon history and honestly we're appalled "We can definitely see that expectations are very high and right now the pressure is on to answer those expectations," Masuda said in reference to fan response after the Pokémon Switch game was announced at E3 in June. "I hope people don't get their expectations up too high." "Seeing the fan's reaction, all the excitement for the announcement -- it definitely is really fun to see that," Ohmori said.

Why the New Pokémon Are Called 'Sun and Moon'

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You still haven't caught them all: Fresh off Pokémon Go's massive franchise recalibration that's prompted an unexpected celebration of all things Pokémon, longtime developer Game Freak's newest core series roleplaying game is nearly upon us. Pokémon Sun and Moon arrives for the Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 18. TIME spoke with Pokémon Sun and Moon producer (and composer) Junichi Masuda alongside director Shigeru Ohmori about the game's inception and tonally distinct titles. TIME: Did Pokémon Go's meteoric success alter the development of the game or the pressure you felt given the resurgence of interest in the Pokémon franchise and presumptively higher powered microscope that maybe puts Pokémon Sun and Moon under? Masuda: We began Pokémon Go's development as a project that would be different from the main series roleplaying games we create at Game Freak.

'Pokémon Sun And Moon' Soundtrack With 169 Tracks Released On iTunes After Nintendo 3DS Titles Become Fastest-Selling Games

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More than a week after Nintendo officially released Game Freak's "Pokémon Sun and Moon," the official soundtrack of the Nintendo 3DS titles is finally available to download from iTunes. Another good news that arrived this week refers to how "Pokémon Sun" and "Pokémon Moon" have become the fastest-selling games of Nintendo in the Americas. On Wednesday, BulbaNewsNOW announced on its official Twitter account that the soundtrack for the well-received "Pokémon" games is now available for purchase on iTunes. The publication that followed the journey of the two games ever since they were announced also provided a link to the official iTunes Preview page for the soundtrack, entitled "Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon: Super Music Collection." Each track costs $0.99, while the entire collection is valued at $9.99.