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Texas couple registered for 750 vacuum cleaners in Knot wedding registry

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on One couple in Austin, Texas, created a highly-niched wedding registry that asked for only one thing – vacuums. The bride-to-be, Meg Hahn, put together the unique registry on the wedding planning platform, The Knot, to surprise her "vacuum connoisseur" fiancé, Brandon Armbruster. "From a young age, I was responsible for maintaining the house. One of the tasks my little brother and I had to do was to vacuum the floors," Armbruster told Fox News.

Trump Muslim Registry: Facebook Accidentally Comments On Policy, Later Promises Not To Participate If Asked

International Business Times

Facebook accidentally revealed its position on the possibility its service would be tapped to help create a registry of Muslim Americans when a spokesperson called the notion of such a thing a "strawman" in an email intended for internal communications that was sent to a BuzzFeed News reporter. The comment came in response to an inquiry to the social network asking if it would commit to limiting data collection that could be put to use for ethnic or religious targeting. The company was also asked if it would pledge not to participate in building a registry of Muslims if asked to do so by the government. A message from a Facebook public relations representative, intended to be forwarded to other Facebook employees, was sent to BuzzFeed's Nitasha Tiku. The message concluded it was best for Facebook to stay off the record regarding the issue, but noted they were "happy to talk to her off record about why this is attacking a straw man."

People freak out after Amazon sends emails about nonexistent baby registries


Everyone receives an odd email every so often, but when it's from a trusted site like Amazon and it's sent to masses, people tend to freak out a little. Sometimes after 4:30 p.m. ET Tuesday afternoon, Amazon apparently sent a mass email to an unknown number of people, informing them that "a gift is on its way." But before anyone could count their blessings that the Amazon gods or a kind soul were gifting them some free stuff, the message was promptly ruined by a baby wearing a diaper. SEE ALSO: Amazon's out of the original Amazon Echo right now, and they won't say why "Hello Amazon Customer," the email reads. "Someone great recently purchased a gift from your baby registry!"

Experience true wedded bliss with the new Domino's pizza registry


If you're a newly engaged human, we bet you don't want a lot of the gifts on the average wedding registry. Also, what even is a ramekin? Well, Domino's is here to save you from wedding gift ennui. Using its new Domino's Wedding Registry, you can now ask your guests for what you really want -- a shit ton of pizza. Stop everything--@dominos now has a pizza wedding registry!

Windows Registry Troubleshooting - Programmer Books


Whatever version of Windows you're using–from Vista up to Windows 8.1–the registry is at the heart of your desktop experience. Software installs and compatibility, hardware operation and more are managed by a complex database of codes and numbers. When something goes wrong it can seem impossible to diagnose and repair the problem, and harder still to prevent a recurrence or make the subtle changes and tweaks required to fix the problem. In this book we'll take you inside the workings of the Registry, and teach you how to repair, modify and clean it to keep your PCs running smoothly.