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Extending Gossip Algorithms to Distributed Estimation of U-statistics

Neural Information Processing Systems

Efficient and robust algorithms for decentralized estimation in networks are essential to many distributed systems. Whereas distributed estimation of sample mean statistics has been the subject of a good deal of attention, computation of U-statistics, relying on more expensive averaging over pairs of observations, is a less investigated area. Yet, such data functionals are essential to describe global properties of a statistical population, with important examples including Area Under the Curve, empirical variance, Gini mean difference and within-cluster point scatter. This paper proposes new synchronous and asynchronous randomized gossip algorithms which simultaneously propagate data across the network and maintain local estimates of the U-statistic of interest. We establish convergence rate bounds of O(1 / t) and O(log t / t) for the synchronous and asynchronous cases respectively, where t is the number of iterations, with explicit data and network dependent terms.

Accelerated Gossip in Networks of Given Dimension using Jacobi Polynomial Iterations Machine Learning

Consider a network of agents connected by communication links, where each agent holds a real value. The gossip problem consists in estimating the average of the values diffused in the network in a distributed manner. We develop a method solving the gossip problem that depends only on the spectral dimension of the network, that is, in the communication network set-up, the dimension of the space in which the agents live. This contrasts with previous work that required the spectral gap of the network as a parameter, or suffered from slow mixing. Our method shows an important improvement over existing algorithms in the non-asymptotic regime, i.e., when the values are far from being fully mixed in the network. Our approach stems from a polynomial-based point of view on gossip algorithms, as well as an approximation of the spectral measure of the graphs with a Jacobi measure. We show the power of the approach with simulations on various graphs, and with performance guarantees on graphs of known spectral dimension, such as grids and random percolation bonds. An extension of this work to distributed Laplacian solvers is discussed. As a side result, we also use the polynomial-based point of view to show the convergence of the message passing algorithm for gossip of Moallemi \& Van Roy on regular graphs. The explicit computation of the rate of the convergence shows that message passing has a slow rate of convergence on graphs with small spectral gap.

Arteta gives Ozil two months to prove himself - Saturday's football gossip

BBC News

Ozil has two months to prove himself at Arsenal, Watford reject Palace's £26m Sarr bid, Barca players reject pay cut proposal, plus more.

Have You Heard?: How Gossip Flows Through Workplace Email

AAAI Conferences

We spend a significant part of our lives chatting about other people. In other words, we all gossip. Although sometimes a contentious topic, various researchers have shown gossip to be fundamental to social life—from small groups to large, formal organizations. In this paper, we present the first study of gossip in a large CMC corpus. Adopting the Enron email dataset and natural language techniques, we arrive at four main findings. First, workplace gossip is common at all levels of the organizational hierarchy, with people most likely to gossip with their peers. Moreover, employees at the lowest level play a major role in circulating it. Second, gossip appears as often in personal exchanges as it does in formal business communication. Third, by deriving a power-law relation, we show that it is more likely for an email to contain gossip if targeted to a smaller audience. Finally, we explore the sentiment associated with gossip email, finding that gossip is in fact quite often negative: 2.7 times more frequent than positive gossip.

'Gossip Girl' Star Penn Badgley Gets Married in New York

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Another sister, Lola, shared a picture of the three sisters at the New York City courthouse where the ceremony took place.