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Health officials advise older people to walk faster

BBC News

Middle-aged people are being urged to walk faster to help stay healthy, amid concern high levels of inactivity may be harming their health.

Disabled people on the difficulties of finding work

BBC News

The government has promised a "revolution" in helping to get more disabled people into work. The BBC spoke to some people with disabilities about their experiences of trying to find jobs.

Future of Work and Organisations on Flipboard


Artificial Intelligence already had a massive impact in the past years, but where will AI be in the coming years? Here is a list of predictions. Waiting to make their moveAsia's looming labour shortage p There is an obvious solution p print-edition iconFrom the print edition Asia p Feb 11th 2017 p THE … The first FDA approval for a machine learning application to be used in a clinical setting is a big step forward for AI and machine learning in healthcare and industry as a whole. Until recently, artificial intelligence (AI) was similar to nuclear fusion in unfulfilled promise. ManpowerGroup, one of the world's largest jobs companies, released a report detailing how the technological revolution is going to change the … Replacing the real world with a virtual one is a neat trick.

A biased medical algorithm favored white people for health-care programs


A study has highlighted the risks inherent in using historical data to train machine-learning algorithms to make predictions. The news: An algorithm that many US health providers use to predict which patients will most need extra medical care privileged white patients over black patients, according to researchers at UC Berkeley, whose study was published in Science. Effectively, it bumped whites up the queue for special treatments for complex conditions like kidney problems or diabetes. The study: The researchers dug through almost 50,000 records from a large, undisclosed academic hospital. They found that white patients were given higher risk scores, and were therefore more likely to be selected for extra care (like more nursing or dedicated appointments), than black patients who were in fact equally sick.

The Number of Homeless People in America Increased for the First Time in 7 Years

Mother Jones

The vast majority are "unsheltered" -- a more bureaucratic term to describe the thousands living on the streets, under freeways and tucked into grassy fields and parks in cities all around the state. It's certainly a bigger increase than we would have expected," said Ben Metcalf, the director of the state's Department of Housing and Community Development. "There's a tale of different countries here: We're seeing a real significant increase and much of the rest of the country is not. We're all doing the same things, but here the rent is too damn high. We've seen an incredible increase in the cost of housing.