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Plume launches SuperPod, its second-generation mesh WiFi puck


Plume is a WiFi company that offers a collection of wall socket-mounted nodes designed to sit in every room of your home. Don't worry if you haven't heard of it, as you're more likely to recognize Plume's rebranded hardware as Comcast's XFI gear. And a couple of years after launching its first-generation technology, Plume is back with an updated wall plug, and a whole new way to buy it. The new Plume SuperPod is essentially a better version of the OG pod, which looks like a very fancy USB charger permanently attached to an outlet. Unlike the first edition, however, the new model packs a tri-band WiFi radio with eight channels, compared to its dual band, four-channel predecessor.

How NVIDIA Built A Supercomputer In Just 3 Weeks During Pandemic


"Today that mega-system, called Selene, has its own robot attendant and is driving AI forward in automotive, healthcare and natural-language processing." Assembling supercomputers take years to build. It requires many service personnel working round the clock for many months to deliver a commission. But, beating all odds, NVIDIA claims to have built its supercomputer within three weeks. Not only did NVIDIA assemble a mammoth of a computer in a short time but also have broken records in the recently conducted MLPerf benchmark tests.

Nvidia makes Fleet Command generally available with AI Launchpad coming soon


Nvidia announced on Tuesday it has made generally available its Fleet Command service. The subscription service will allow businesses to rollout and manage AI applications at the edge. "Within minutes of installation, the platform lets administrators add or delete applications, update system software over the air, and monitor the health of devices spread across vast distances," the company said. Nvidia VP and GM of enterprise and edge computing Justin Biotano said Fleet Command can turn any Nvidia certified server into a "secure edge AI system". When combined with its recently launched Base Command product, Nvidia said it now offers an end-to-end process from AI model creation to production.

Nvidia adds GeForce Now RTX 3080 subscription: 'Gamers deserve a supercomputer too'


Nvidia launched its next-generation cloud gaming platform with a GeForce RTX 3080 powered GeForce Now and what equates to a supercomputer membership tier dedicated to gamers. While cloud gaming doesn't impact business directly, Nvidia's work highlights how far game streaming has come. GeForce Now's advances also apply to virtual desktop infrastructure and streaming high performance applications to remote workers. Nvidia also launched a new premium tier for gamers who want the horsepower. Nvidia's upgrade to GeForce Now is powered by what the company calls a SuperPOD, which has more than 1,000 GPUs delivering more than 39 petaflops of graphics horsepower.

First Look: Plume Blossoms With New SuperPods And Membership Offering

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If you've visited a major U.S. retailer over the past 2 years looking for a new home wireless router, you have almost certainly seen a new crop of routers claiming "mesh" networking capabilities. Mesh networking systems offer a variety of advantages to a consumer, especially in today's smart home where upward of 20 or more smart devices (e.g. PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles, smart thermostats, etc.) are vying for precious Internet bandwidth. Mesh networks provide consistent, reliable Internet throughout large homes, even those constructed with materials which are not conducive to wireless transmission such as sheet metal and concrete. Beyond providing broader, more reliable bandwidth coverage, mesh networks are robust, highly efficient, and self-configuring.