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Kalray, the processor at the heart of intelligent systems


From next-generation Cloud infrastructures to self-driving cars, real time extreme computing will revolutionize our lives in the coming years. Kalray processors and solutions are at the heart of this revolution. The foundation of Kalray's supercomputing on a chip solutions lies in its breakthrough, patented MPPA manycore processor technology. This revolutionary architecture uniquely addresses extreme computing, low-power and real-time applications with an unparalleled combination of technology benefits.

Atlas AI Intelligent Computing Platform


The Atlas 500 AI edge station (model: 3000) is designed for edge applications. It features superb computing performance in a compact size, strong environmental adaptability, easy maintenance, and cloud-edge collaboration, and can be widely deployed at the edge.

Cloud_Expo_Singapore_2019_HUAWEI CLOUD


We are at the threshold of a fully connected, intelligent world, where innovation happens in the blink of an eye, and the impact on every person, home, and organization is nothing short of profound. An intelligent world is right around the corner, with wide application of AI and 5G across all industries. More and more companies have come to realize the value of AI and 5G, and with eagerness to leverage them, are now focusing on how technologies can accelerate their migration to the cloud.

Edge intelligence and Industry 4.0


Though challenges and headwinds exist, we believe that the intelligent edge is poised to transform the computing landscape, propelling the world's largest technology companies toward the next generation of connectivity and operational efficiency. By bringing powerful computing capabilities closer to where data originates and needs to be consumed, the intelligent edge unlocks the potential for faster, less expensive, and more secure operations in everything from autonomous vehicles to virtual reality to the Internet of Things (IoT)--helping to accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution.5 The intelligent edge is the combination of advanced connectivity, compact processing power, and artificial intelligence (AI) located near devices that use and generate data.6 It represents an evolution and convergence of trends in industrial monitoring, automated manufacturing, utility management, and telecommunications, amplified by cloud computing, data analytics, and AI. The intelligent edge puts these latter capabilities physically near where data needs rapid analysis and response, enabling that data to be acted on directly or filtered to push only the most important bits to the core. In particular, the intelligent edge's ability to bring cloud capabilities to remote operations could greatly amplify their performance.

Toshiba Unveils Microsoft Azure IoT Certified Intelligent Edge Device - DATAVERSITY


Using Azure Cognitive Services and Machine Learning, Toshiba's dynaEdge enables workers in the field to intuitively access and improve centralized resources, making it an ideal device for remote maintenance, production lines and other industrial solutions. The integration of Skype for Business also provides a seamless interface between workers and remote experts for an immediate assistance and optimum efficiency."