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Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners from Level 1 - 3 - Gift Course


Get This Online Course Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners from Level 1 to Level 3 on Eduonix Learning Solutions. This Machine Learning Tutorials was created by Idan Gabrieli. The concept of Artificial Intelligence is used in sci-fiction movies to describe a virtual entity that crossed some critical threshold point and developed self-awareness. And like any good Hollywood movie, this entity will turn against humankind. OMG! It's a great concept to fuel our basic survival fear; otherwise, no one will buy a ticket to the next Terminator movie As you may guess, things, in reality, are completely different.

Eduonix Flash Sale: Courses Starting at $1 - Dhriti Suri - Medium


Eduonix Learning Solutions is the global and premier marketplace for students to learn and master new skills and achieve their goals. For this Eduonix has planned something bigger and better for their learners and followers with "Flash Sale". During this sale, Eduonix will only be the place where you can get the highest value for your every dollar. This Flash Sale will be applicable on all the Courses, Deals, Paths & E-Degrees resulting in heavy discount which you cannot ignore. It will be a perfect opportunity for you to grab online web development courses, software development courses, game development courses, system programming courses, WordPress courses, Marketing and Designing courses, and so much more!

Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners - Level 1


"Good course for anyone who wants to make some sense of all the proper terminology and basic methodology of AI. Idan's explanations are very clear and to the point, no fluff and no distractions!" "The course was actually amazing, giving me much more insight into AI. "It was a great experience." "Indeed a good beginner's course which I actually wanted".

AI and Machine Learning Course for Professionals in 2020


Become an AI & Machine Learning Professional with this lightning deal by Eduonix. Limited time offer, Hurry Up! AI and Machine Learning for Professionals A complete guide to master machine learning concepts and create real world ML solutions Instructors: Eduonix Learning Solutions, Manuj Aggarwal Why This Deal Be an advance Artificial Intelligence practitioner with our unique course bundle which covers courses for students at all stages of learning. A complete guide to master machine learning concepts and create real world ML solutions. Starting at the very beginning, this course will help you breakdown machine learning into simple and easy to understand concepts. The course covers a variety of different machine learning concepts such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforced learning and even neural networks.

AI training: Leverage your tech skills and send your career soaring


Artificial intelligence is used in everything from the Internet of Things to fighting cybersecurity attacks, so those cutting-edge skills will be in high demand for quite some time to come, which makes them a perfect choice for turbocharging your mid-level tech career. The Machine Learning Master Class Bundle can take your intermediate skills and boost them in a number of different directions, including data science and gaming. If you have some math and Python experience, then go straight for the main overview, "Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners," which will provide hands-on learning with nine actual projects. And if you're interested in data science, which every industry from medical to tech relies on, then follow up with "Data Visualization With Python: The Complete Guide." On the other hand, if math gives you problems, take "Mathematical Foundations For Machine Learning & AI" which can demystify it for you.