MacTel warns telcos to fix problems before Royal Commission happens


Macquarie Telecom has welcomed news of rising consumer complaints statistics to the Ombudsman because it "reveals that the practices being used within the telecoms industry to date are not working". According to Macquarie Telecom group executive Luke Clifton, generic industry-wide regulations and consumer protection rules have not helped the banking industry, as shown by the Financial Services Royal Commission. Clifton said responsibility should instead be put back on how each company will take steps to lower consumer complaints, before a telco Royal Commission ends up being called. "Collective punishment through sweeping rule and regulation changes is not the answer now -- it has never worked in other industries," Clifton argued. "Forcing those who are the worst offenders to fix their own problems, and then holding their feet to the fire, is the only short-term solution, and potentially the beginning of solving the deep issues of the industry before it faces its own Royal Commission."

Telco that Optus shuttered provides best customer service: ACCAN


Virgin Mobile has blitzed an Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) report detailing disappointing customer service from Australia's telco providers; however, the telco stopped selling new services on June 15. According to ACCAN, of the telcos that customers can change over to, Vodafone provided the best service, followed by TPG/iiNet, Amaysim, Dodo/iPrimus, Skymesh, Telstra, Optus, Activ8me, and in last place Telstra-owned Belong. The survey of 1,347 customers conducted in late February to mid March said heading into a store will resolve an issue in eight days on average, almost twice as quick than complaining on social media, at 15.5 days. Using online chat results in an average 19.6-day resolution time, while phoning the telco takes over 23 days, and email resolution lasts a month, at a 30-day resolution time. "We found customers are spending days trying to sort out very straightforward things like changing a plan, updating contact details, and general account inquiries.

Samsung, LG Warn US Government About Washer Safeguard's Effects To Consumers, Jobs

International Business Times

South Korean companies Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are now calling on the U.S. government regarding the import restriction, known as a safeguard, that will be implemented against their washing machines. For the tech giants, the government will do more harm than good not only to the companies but also to the consumers if the safeguard is implemented.

ACCAN proposes automatic payments to users for missed appointments and repairs


The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has put forward a recommendation that consumers should receive automatic compensation when a telecommunications provider misses an appointment or is unable to resolve an outage within a determined timeframe. "Payments for connections and repairs outside the maximum timeframes should be automatic by both the network provider and retail service provider", ACCAN wrote in a submission to Part B of the Consumer Safeguard Review conducted by the Department of Communications. "If a wholesale network provider has connected a customer after the maximum timeframe it should automatically trigger a payment to be made against the retail service provider's account. Likewise, the retail service provider should automatically make a payment to the customer. "Automatic compensation requires systems and processes for payments and will not rely on customers knowing their rights or being informed by a provider with no incentive to do so."

Ayelet Shaked: Israel must safeguard Jewish majority

Al Jazeera

Israel must safeguard a Jewish majority even at the expense of human rights, the country's justice minister has said in a speech defending a bill that would legally define Israel as the "national home of the Jewish people" for the first time.