Alienware's new gaming headset combines comfort with solid audio


If you're going to be playing Fornite for hours at a time, you need a headset that not only sounds good, but is also super comfy. Alienware revealed its Wireless Gaming Headset last week ahead of E3, but today I got to briefly test its merits. I'll admit when I first saw it last week, I wasn't blown away with the overall design. But as I would find out on the show floor, the company built a solid and capable gaming accessory here. Like a lot of gaming headsets, Alienware's latest looks big and bulky.

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While the stunning graphics of modern games tend to hog the spotlight in reviews and big announcements, game sound design is also at its pinnacle. From the satisfying blast of a Winchester in Battlefield 1 to the serene breezes and chattering critters of Breath of the Wild, sound design defines the atmosphere in some of gaming's most iconic worlds. But to fully appreciate those sounds, you need some solid headgear like the Plantronics RIG 500HX Headset. This headset is famous for providing dedicated gamers with the perfect combo of comfort and performance, and you can get a pair for just $37.99 during this limited time deal. SEE ALSO: Amazon Prime members save an extra 20% on pre-orders for the new'Super Smash Bros.' and'Mario Party' Switch games The RIG 500HX's pristine audio quality is owed to its heavy-duty, 40mm drivers and low-frequency resonators designed to make you feel every shot, shout, and explosion during gameplay.

SteelSeries Arctis Gaming Headset Sale (and 10 Other Tech Deals)


Maybe you're going to throw a giant barbecue for the 4th of July, and if you are, be sure to read our Grillin' Gear picks. But backyard parties aren't for everyone. If you're planning to stay indoors and do a little gaming (or need other new tech), check out these deals. There is a great sale on WIRED's favorite gaming headsets, and some other kickass discounts happening this weekend. As always, thanks to our friends at TechBargains for helping us find some of these deals.

Logitech's latest gaming headsets get a boost from better software


Software upgrades are sometimes more important than hardware, and that might just be true of Logitech's latest audio gear. The company has unveiled four G-series gaming headsets (the G935, G635, G432 and G332) whose common thread is G Hub, a new software front-end for customizing device profiles on a per-game basis. While Logitech isn't diving into details, it vows a "clean and modern interface" -- the earlier software was a bit confusing, so this could improve the experience across the board. The headsets themselves have improvements, of course. The $170 G935 and $140 G635 are the first to use a new Pro-G 50mm driver that Logitech claims will combine serious bass with a "round sound profile."

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The G230 from Logitech is designed to enhance gameplay with clear, rich sound. Its soft earcup covers are adjustable, remain comfortable even after hours of use, and can be removed for easy cleaning. The mic is noise-cancelling, and folds away when not in use. Volume and mic controls are conveniently located, and reviewers indicate that the long 10-foot cord length is convenient as well. The unit averages 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 1,800 reviewers (read reviews).